Felipe Schwartzman

Academic Publications

Does Redistribution Increase Output? The Centrality of Labor Supply. (with Kartik Athreya and Andrew Owens) Quantitative Economics (November 2017), 8: 761–808. FRB-Richmond Working Paper Version. See related coverage in Richmond Fed's Economic Brief, with Jessie Romero.

What Inventory Behavior Tells Us About How Business Cycles Have Changed (with Pierre-Daniel Sarte and Thomas Lubik). Journal of Monetary Economics (November 2015): 264-283. FRB-Richmond Working Paper Version Download Supplementary Material. See related coverage in Richmond Fed's Economic Brief, with Karl Rhodes.

Time To Produce and Emerging Market Crises. Journal of Monetary Economics 68 (November 2014): 37-52. FRB-Richmond Working Paper Version

Working Papers

The Benefits of Commitment to a Currency Peg: The Gold Standard, National Banks and the 1896 U.S. Presidential Election (with Scott Fulford, Revised March 2017. Conditionally accepted at Review of Economics and Statistics

Heterogeneous Price Setting Behavior and Aggregate Dynamics: Some General Results (with Carlos Carvalho). Revised 2008 (key results subsumed into "Selection and Monetary Non-Neutrality in Time-Dependent Pricing Models")

Federal Reserve Bank Publications (Economic Quarterly)

Publications in Portuguese

Estimativa de Curva de Phillips com Preços Desagregados Economia Aplicada v. 10, n.1 (jun-mar 2006), 137-145

Trabalho Infantil no Brasil (with Simon Schwartzman, 2004), International Labor Organization