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"On the Evolution of the United Kingdom Price Distributions," with Ba M. Chu, David T. Jacho-Chavez, and Kim P. Huynh, accepted in Annals of Applied StatisticsSupplementary Material.

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Working Papers

"Price Selection," with Carlos Carvalho, June 2018, Supplementary Material.

"The Cyclicality of Sales and Aggregate Price Flexibility," with Nicolas Vincent, November 2017. Supplementary Material. Under revision.

"Expectations and Monetary Policy: Experimental Evidence," with Luba Petersen, April 2015. Appendix. Under revision.

Policy Papers         

"Central Bank Models: The Next Generation," with José Dorich, Virginie Traclet, Jonathan Witmer, Workshop Summary, 30 January 2017.

"Leaning Within a Flexible Inflation-Targeting Framework: Review of Costs and Benefits," with Denis Gorea and Tamon Takamura, Bank of Canada Discussion Paper No. 2016-17, August 2016.

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"Adopting Price-Level Targeting Under Imperfect Credibility," with Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt, September 2008.








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