Work in Progress:

The Exchange Rate Channel of Monetary Policy

with Dominic Cucic

Policy Notes:

Market concentration and the Danish rental market

Danmarks Nationalbank Economic Memo, No. 5 (2022)

with Per Andersen and Thomas Krause

Nonbanks, Credit Provision and the Transmission of Monetary Policy in Denmark

Danmarks Nationalbank Economic Memo, No. 8 (2021)

with Dominic Cucic

Nowcasting and Forecasting Economic Activity in Denmark Using Payment System Data

Danmarks Nationalbank Working Paper, 177 (2021)

with Kristian Nørgaard Bentsen

Leaning Within a Flexible Inflation Targeting Framework: Review of Costs and Benefits

Bank of Canada Staff Discussion Papers, 17 (2016)

with Oleksiy Kryvtsov and Tamon Takamura