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The CRN4 Communication and Dissemination Scientific Working Group

The Communication and Dissemination (CD) Scientific Working Group (SWG) is one of four SWGs that are part of the Cancer Research Network (CRN)The overarching goal of the CD SWG is to facilitate CRN-based research focused on cancer-related CommunicationDecision MakingDissemination, and Implementation. To that end, we are seeking to identify and involve investigators with research interests in these areas:
Cancer communication, including the study of clinician-patient communication, intra-team communication, peer-to-peer communication (including social media), and health literacy as they relate to cancer prevention, detection and care.
Decision making, including the study of the cognitive, social and contextual factors which influence decision-making for patients and clinicians across the cancer care continuum.
Dissemination research including the study of communication practices to achieve widespread awareness, interest and adoption of effective health interventions and innovations.
Implementation research including the study of practice change barriers, facilitators, processes and strategies that facilitate professional and organizational practice change and sustained use of effective interventions and innovations.
In addition to developing new research in these areas, we intend to build on existing CRN accomplishments by identifying CRN products ready for dissemination and implementation, and to develop and implement systems for sharing research and effective practices across the CRN and beyond.

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