Jenne Family

The Crisfield-Jenne family

Although we have been in New York state primary up to the 1950's

Now we can be found through out the United States.

One of whom was:

PaPa & Mother Jenne were married on Sept 4th 1870 in Baden, GermanyThey had several children.

Elizabeth Ida Jenne was Born 8/27/1871 (June 1900 census says it was 1874) - 12/15/1905 34 yrs, but math says 31 years old.

she married John "Thomas" Rothing Born in England on Aug 1864.

Marriage: 4/2/1894 his occupation was a "Driver"

Ida & John had 5 children.

Ida died at 31 years old in an Automobile Accident. Cars were so rare in 1905 - that it was inconceivable that you could die in an accident. The children were raised by her Parents and later her brother William (Papa) & Mary Jenne.

The youngest child child: Carrie was injured when her stroller rolled down a hill

Thomas left ... never to be heard from again, however ...

Thomas's family cared for Carrie and stayed connected to all the children.

They came to America from Ireland between 1846 and 1865William is the older brother of Ida, and he & Mary raised Ida's children after Ida died. Gladys and her children always referred to his as Grandpa.

Elizabeth "Ida" Jenne Aug 1874

Marion J. Jenne Jan 1872 - Aunt Mami married Uncle Bert late in life - they had no children of their own. They were very close to the Crisfield children. And helped William & Mary with their sisters children after Ida's death. Aunt Mami and Uncle Bert rented a vacation home every summer on the "Shore" for a big family Vacation.

The oldest was: Elizabeth "Ida" Jenne

William S. Jenne was born on 5/11/1873-8/1928 in EastView, NY

(June 1900 Census says April 1848) his Occupation was Carpenter

he married Mary M born May 1850 in County Cork Ireland and died in EastView, NY on 9/17/1920

Gladys & Fred had 9 children.

They lived with Gladys grandparents William & Mary in the family farm in EastView, NY now part of the Rockefeller Estate. Gladys took care of Grandpa Wm Jenne after Mary left for heaven. And raised 6 of her 9 children at the EastView Farm. Until she was forced to sell to Rockefeller. Gladys, Fred and their 6 Children moved to Ossining, NY and had the other 3 children - to complete their family of 11.

After Rockifeller bought and bulldozed all the homes in EastView, NY to build his estate - Gladys Crisfield took her money and moved her family to Calum Avenue in Ossining, NY. Here is the story of bringing my mother Carol and her sister Bimmy to visit their old home for the first time since it was sold in the late 1950's. Over 50 years later ...

The oldest was: Mary Emma "Gladys" Rothing 1/11/1897 - 12/4/1952

she married Frederick G. Crisfield on 7/7/1917 in Yonkers, NY

2/24/1896 - 5/4/1963

Carol MacMenamin & Bimmy Sinning

Two of the six Crisfield Sisters

take a visit back to their Childhood Home

34 Calum Avenue in Ossining, New York

Where the 9 Crisfield Children were raised and three (Bobby, Carol & Viv) were born in this house.

Aunt Bimmy vividly remembers the first time they saw the house. Their Grandfather Jenny had passed away, leaving the family home to Gladys who had cared for him until his death. Rockefeller wanted to buy all the homes in the area and offered a good amount for the old homestead. Gladys sold the house & property and purchased the newly built, 34 Calum Avenue. She furnished it completely with new furniture. When the six children entered the home for the first time they were in awe of the new house and all the NEW furniture, rugs and pictures ! Gladys & Frederick Crisfield and their six children were very proud of their new home.

From the side of the house you can see the flower garden, in the same location, there were two.

The paint is original, that lead paint really held up.

The craftsman style is timeless.The current owner (Who purchased the house from Frederick Crisfield after he retired and moved to Florida) has kept everything the same and has not altered the interior or exterior of the house.

June 23rd, 2002

approx Noon

As Carol & Bim were reminiscing about growing up in this house, the current owner returned home and graciously invited the Crisfield sisters and Carol's daughter Jil MacMenamin (photographer & storyteller) to come inside.

The Crisfield Sisters are back in their Mothers Kitchen.Grandma Gladys was a wonderful cook. With all those children and lots of family dropping in for dinner, she taught her girls to make meals that could


when company came.

Carol has almost the exact staircase in her Granville, NY home.

The woodwork

is still intact.

You can see the double stairs from the hallway and the Kitchen.

Carpeting was only recently added within the past two years.

The current owners: Have a piano in a similar location too.

Carol remembers that Grandma Gladys would hear the Good Humor Ice Cream truck and would yell, "lets sing some songs!" And she would play the piano and sing very loud so the children wouldn't hear the Ice Cream Trucks music. But it never worked, and she ended up buying Ice Cream for all the children.

Many a summer's afternoon and evenings would be spent out on the front porch.

It was a cool place to rest after a big Sunday afternoon dinner.

The owners have kept the wains-coating ceiling in tact.

For approaching 100 years, it is aging well.