This is the cover of the Jenne Family Bible.

Sent over from Germany for the American Genne's to start their new lives.

Decoding the pages took several years, and lots of family discussions.

I give special thanks to my Mom - Carol, Aunt Bim and cousins Janet & Joanie.

Through the papers, pictures, maps, letters; endless cups of tea; dozens of giggle fits; we think this is a version to share with the rest of the family.

HeatherLynnMacMenamin ...... Montauck Catanous=HeatherFlower

I have lots of other Aunts and Cousins to thank - I will list them as the pages they helped me with are explained. It is a continual effort, one of constant discovery - with every picture, every letter, every bit of new information.

Please join our family fun. And see what we have uncovered!

The Crisfield-Jenne family

Although we have been in New York state primary up to the 1950's

Now we can be found through out the United States.

PaPa & Mother Jenne were married on Sept 4th 1870 in GermanyThey had several children.

They came to America from Ireland between 1846 and 1865William & Mary had 5 children.

William S. Jenne was born in Germany on 5/11/1873-8/1928 in EastView, NY

he married Mary McKinley born in County Cork Ireland and died in EastView, NY on 9/17/1920

They built a house in EastView, NewYork - which was bought up by Rockerfeller, and is now part of the Rockerfeller Estates.

The oldest was: Elizabeth "Ida" Jenne Rothing

Born 8/27/1871 - 12/15/1905 34 yrs.

Ida married John Thomas Rothing on 4/2/1893

Ida & John had 5 children.

Ida died in childbirth to the 5th child. The children were raised by Grandparents William & Mary Jenne

The oldest was: Mary Emma "Gladys" Rothing Crisfield 1/11/1897 - 12/4/1952

she married Frederick G. Crisfield on 7/7/1917 in Yonkers, NY

2/24/1896 - 5/4/1963Gladys & Fred had 9 children.

They lived with Gladys grandparents William & Mary in the family farm in EastView, NY now part of the Rockefeller Estate. Gladys took care of Grandpa Wm Jenne after Mary left for heaven. And raised 6 of her 9 children at the EastView Farm. Until she was forced to sell to Rockefeller. Gladys, Fred and their 6 Children moved to Ossining, NY and had the other 3 children - to complete their family of 11.

For more details on the Jenne/Crisfield family - click the PDF document at the bottom of this page.

for the actual pages from the family Bible including: Birth, Marriage, Death, Memoranda

The Jenne's are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Yonkers, NY

The Crisfields are buried in Kensco Cemetary in Mt. Pleasent, NY

The Family Genealogy from our Montauk Indian Princess Catoneras=Heather Flower born 1704 - Fred & Gladys had 9 children

One of whom was: