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This website is the culmination of years of observing the southern hemisphere night sky, enjoying and exploring some of the richest starscape in the heavens. Journey with me as I take you on a tour of the constellations and their treasures, meet old friends and new. Here you will discover links to all things astronomical, news, articles, star charts, photos and much more. So grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and make yourself at home. Click on the menu to the left to access the website.

Eclipse of the Sun

14 November 2012 from Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Warning: Astronomy can be addictive. Are you concerned about yourself or someone elses astronomical observing? Do you spend long hours observing the sky with no thought to how your actions impact on others? Do your friends tell you that they never see you anymore? There is hope. If you would like guidance with your problem observing, it is recommended that you contact your nearest astronomical society. Get help from others who understand, who have been through similar circumstances. Meet new non-judgemental friends.