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Useful Links

Useful Links

Where you can find information about our team.

If you have never had an FCC License before you can get an FRN (FCC Registration Number) and not have to use your 
Social Security Number to fill out your paper work for a Amateur Radio License.

You can get the current question pools from the National Conference of Volunteer Examiners.

Local Oranizations

The Amateur Radio Society of TTU (TTARS)
The Amateur Radio Society of Tennessee Tech (TTARS) is a student organization focused on Amateur Radio. TTARS members maintain the club radio station, organize amateur radio related activities, participate in emergency communications, and conduct amateur radio license classes.

Online Practice Exams




Study Guides

Right now KB6NU has a FREE PDF of the Tech License for the current question pool.
His Study Guides are good and only $7.99 for the pdf version or $14.97 for the paper back book.

ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

Ron Hashiro, AH6RH

Daniel Reynolds, AA0NI

Texas A&M Amateur Radio Club, W5AC

Look for Element 2, 3 or 4 Study Guide in PDF format.

Study Aids and Practice Exams

Online Amateur Radio Classes

David Casler KE0OG YouTube Channel or David Casler KE0OG Webpage
He also has some useful information on his Home page
David Casler does Amateur Radio Classes via Youtube

Ham College
New Amateur show for new hams or those interested
The Ham Whisperer’s Technician Class License Course Or Here

NC4FB - Amateur Radio

Not Free
HamClass is a real multimedia class. You can see visual presentations, audio explanations from the teacher, take tests and get feedback and, of course, ask questions! It’s the closest thing to a real course you have ever experienced on-line.

Not Free
    What is HamTestOnline™?
  • Online courses for the U.S. ham radio license exams.
  • Integrates study materials with question drill, using the actual exam questions and answers.
  • Tracks your progress and focuses on your weak areas, drilling questions you get wrong more often than ones you get right.
  • It's a powerful combination. Just ask our students!

Not Live but videos from past classes