Please turn off any roger beeps in your radio because the repeaters produce a courtesy tone for end of transmission. Thank You

W4HPL Repeater

The W4HPL Repeater is using 147.210 with a + 0.600 MHz offset and a PL Tone of 107.2 RX and TX.

MTEARS Repeater

The W4EOC MTEARS repeater is on 444.600 with a + 5.00 MHz offset and a PL Tone of 107.2 and is linked to the Nolensvillle Hub on 443.725 with a + 5.00 MHz offset and a PL tone of 107.2.

The repeater is a GE Master II repeater with an NHRC repeater controller with remote base on board.

KK4TD-MMDVM (MultiMode Digital Voice Modem) (Will ID as W4HPL)

The Multi-Mode Digital only repeater is on 145.110 -0.600 offset and no tone.

MMDVM is a system for DMR, P25, D-Star and Yaesu System Fusion.

You need to use Color Code(CC) 1.

The following DMR "Talk Groups"(TG) are "Static"(or always connected):

Time Slot(TS) 1

TG 9 is local

31094 - USA Area 4

31671 - QRP Talkgroup

Time Slot(TS) 2

TG9 is Local

3147 - Tennessee TG (Statewide)

3136 - New York TG (Statewide)

All other USA TGs are PTT or only active when you kerchunk the repeater with that TG.

There is also XLX reflectors that we are connected to and by default the repeater connects to XLX950E but can be changed to XLX000 to XLX999 by Private Call to 68000 to 68999 and you connect to A to Z using a private call to 64001-64026 and disconnect using private call 64000 and Status using private call 65000(Voice confirmation).

All XLX reflectors are linked to TS1-TG6 after connection so you would talk on the XLX reflector that your connected to via TS1-TG6. The XLX reflector system is still in Beta but should be working well.

XLXHosts.txt can be viewed for current Hosts that can be connected to by converting to the appropriate private call to connect. Only those shown in the XLXHosts.txt are setup for connecting to.

If you just want to use the default XLX950 then you don't have to change the Host just the reflector A to Z.

If no RF activity for 10 minutes on the XLX reflector if it was changed from default then it will revert back to the default reflector of XLX950E.

If there is a TG that you can't seem to get working let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

Our Main connection is to Brandmeister and it's reflectors are accessed via TS1 TG9

All local traffic is on TS1-TG9 or TS2-TG2.

There is a Parrot on TG9990 or TG310997 on either TS which you can use to check your audio into the system.

If you have GPS in your radio set the GPS TG to 310999 and you would enable the GPS in the channel.

The GPS should be set to 60 seconds or more and then will send your position to the APRS whenever you talk on the channel that it is enabled on.

D-Star and Fusion should work as there meant to work and if your not familiar with them please contact us so we can connect you with someone who can help you with them.

You can listen to the repeater via Hoseline which is only traffic via RF not via network.

The 145.110- Digital Repeater is on-line and there is a code plug below for the MD-380.

CRA-KK4TD MD-380 Code Plug

Should be able to open up with MD-2017 as well as the MD-380

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR

US Brandmeister User Guide

DMR MARC Best Practice Guide