Beginnings of the Colombo Lodge

What brought the Italian immigrant to Trail ... but a persuasive letter to a "paesano" or a relative in Italy about the mining areas of Butte, Montana and California telling them of the work that was available in this remote little smelter town situated in the mountains of British Columbia along side the Columbia River.

First to arrive were (people from the provinces of ) Toscani, followed by Abruzzi, Trevisani, Friulani, Calabrese and today practically every dialect is represented in this City of Italians, which is a perfect example of mulitculturalism within our community. With an ever increasing Italian population plus a language barrier and being in a distant and lonely land, there was a necessity to form a Society .

This came about on April 5, 1905, when 32 founding members banded together to form the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge Mutuo Soccorso No. 1, a benevolent society, whose main purpose was to assist its members in cases of sickness or accident and to provide a decent burial for deceased members. Even though there are many health schemes throughout Canada, we still are one of the few remaining Benevolent Society ties. The Cristoforo Colombo Lodge was a saviour . . . Shortly after the society was formed, a Hall was built where the immigrants could hold their social activities, operettas, concerts, carnivals, banquets, which are held traditionally even today.

The Colombo Lodge was and still is the heart of the Italian community for the entire area. Without the society, we would have been just another separated ethnic group, but we are a unique united society with (at this writing) 600 brothers and 425 members in the Sorelle di Colombo.

Success of our Lodge can be attributed to the democratic outlook with a harmonious attitude whose main objective is to work for the Lodge.

Link to Pictures from the Archives Room in the Colombo Lodge


Presidente & Presidentessa 2018 Message

Presidente Joe Parrilla

As we step into another year I’d like to thank the outgoing administration for their many achievements, most notably the success in obtaining a grant for the replacement of the hall roof and rooftop HVAC unit, and the administration of the replacement contracts.

We had many other successful events thought-out the year: Starting with the fratelli e Sorelli  Curling Bonspiel in January.     Silver City Day’s  Bocce Classic and the  Spagettata in May.    In July the Lodge participated in the Maple Leaf Band 100th year anniversary, by hosting a lunch for the Consul General of Italy Massimiliano Lacchini.     The fall session  began with Columbus Day Family dinner, Trail Smoke Eaters Tidbits  tournament, Fall Bocce Classic, and New Year’s celebration. None of the above noted events could have succeeded without the hard work and time commitments of the executive committees.

A note of thanks; to our members and their families who  attended the  May and December family dinners, both events were well attended.

The progress  that  began last year continues. Amendments to the constitution will be presented to the  executive in February for approval.  We continue to look into new grants  for the office improvement, the archive room and exhibits and  potential fire escape replacement.  We are also undertaking  a catering assessment.

Executive stepping down this year are Gordon Gattafoni and Lenard Seymour. I thank them both for their time and contributions.  We have three new Executive members Ken LeRose, Steven Unti and Ron Parisotto.  I welcome these new executive members and look forward to working with them. I especially thank the executive members staying on for another term. 

A special thank-you to our all the members who helped us throughout the year and to our janitor Don Brandt.

I look forward to serving my second term as Presidente of the Christoforo Colombo Lodge. Please join me in celebrating our Italian culture and heritage.

Presidente Joe Parrilla

Presidentessa Louisa Mason

First of all, thank you for the honor of serving you as Presidentessa of the Sorelle Colombo.  I do not take this position lightly and have a great respect for the office passed on to me and great respect for the Societa Sorelle Colombo.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful executive on board and a great group of Sorelle in our membership which we cannot do without.  Together many things can be accomplished for the betterment of the Lodge.  Those of you who know me also know I like to have fun and fun will definitely be the theme for us this year, along with getting done what is required of us.  We can do both.  I encourage all the ladies to come out to our meetings whenever possible and the various events lined up.  Wishing all of you a wonderful and blessed 2008.

Presidentessa Louisa Mason


Catering Document - open file to see the fulll document and video of hall setup.

Are you looking for a great location for a wedding, rehearsal dinner or a company party; or, for a family, social, corporate, or team building function? The Colombo Lodge has the hall for your event. Located in the Historic Gulch and next to the award-winning Piazza Colombo, we offer a unique setting with updated kitchen facilities and a large elegant hall. The hall and kitchen are rented separately and a list of caterers is provided for you to choose from, if you wish.


Current Events

November & December 2018
Sun     Nov 04 Supper Meeting (Nominations & Tippits)
Thurs  Nov 15 Xmas Tree Decorations
Sun     Nov 25 Children's Joint Xmas Party ( noon)
Sat      Nov 27 Executive Meeting

Sat      Dec 9th -  Supper Meeting (4:30pm) (Family Christmas Dinner - 5:30pm) - Nominations Close

Mon    Dec 31 New Year's Eve Cabaret

2018 Winners - Renato Colbachini Annual Tippets Tournament 
Roland Perri,  Lorne Matteucci, Randy Colbachini, Ken LeRose

Men's Events

  • Nov. & Dec Events
    Sun     Nov 04 Supper Meeting (Nominations & Tippits)
    Thurs  Nov 15 Xmas Tree Decorations
    Sun     Nov 25 Children's Joint Xmas Party ( noon)
    Sat      Nov 27 Executive Meeting

    Sat      Dec 01 Supper Meeting (4:30pm) (Family Christmas Dinner - 5:30pm) - Nominations Close

    Mon    Dec 31 New Year's Eve Cabaret
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Ladies Events

  • Nov. & Dec Events
    Tues.   Nov 13, General Meeting  
    Wed.    Nov 14, CVL Tea Serving
    Sun      Nov 25 Children's Joint Xmas Party (Noon)

    Tues.   Dec 04, Executive Meeting/Potluck
    Tues.   Dec 11, General Meeting Christmas Social
    Wed.    Dec. 19,  CVL Tea Serving
    Mon    Dec 31 New Year's Eve Cabaret
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2018 Events Schedule

Sports and Wine Winners

  Bocce Champions  - Each year the sports committee organizes a Bocce tournament at the Trail Curling Rink during the Silver City Days in Trail on Mother Days's Weekend.  The major sponsor of the tournament is AM Ford..
The tipit tournament is another event that is held annually at the Tipit supper executive meeting.  The tournament is held in honour of  Renato Colbachini who loved to play tippit and always organized the                                                           tournament.
                                                                                                                                                                            Curling Champions
One sporting event that has always been part of the Colombo Lodge is the annual curling bonspiel.  It is a full day of fun starting with a continental breakfast at the Trail Curling rink.  All teams play four games of curling of five ends.  After two games there is a traditional Italian lunch break with cold cuts..  At  the end of the event the teams all go back to the lodge for the monthly supper meeting.  The best part of the event is that everyone also gets a prize.  Everyone has a great time.

Held annually at the Birchbank Golf Course followed by a great steak fry at the Birchbank picnic grounds.  Check the events schedule in the Document section and record it on your calender