Archives Mission Statement

Cristoforo Colombo Lodge Archives


The purpose of the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge Archives is to be the custodian of

historical and cultural materials significant to the diverse Italian communities of the

West Kootenays, their immigration, their traditions, their heritage, and their

customs, through:

 Collecting and preserving relevant archival records, photographs, and

artifacts to the best of our ability;

 Exhibiting this collection in an interpretive and informative manner;

 Providing sound and secure access to our collection to the public;

 Collaborating with the Trail Historical Society in the management of our



The Società M.S. Cristoforo Colombo, known locally as the Colombo Lodge, was

founded in Trail, BC, Canada in April 1905 as an Italian benevolent society to assist

its members in times of need. The Colombo Lodge was and still is the heart of the

Italian community for those of Italian heritage in the area, boasting several hundred

‘fratelli,’ and over 400 ‘sorelle.’ The Cristoforo Colombo Lodge Archives is the first

Italian archives of its kind in Canada and was formally established in 1972.

2019 Committee Members: Fred Romano (Chair), Roland Perri

Video of the Archives Room in the Colombo Lodge