Stereogram - 3D Object Viewer

An experimental application to interactively 'see' the 3D objects in stereograms!

Can't see the 3D object inside this dotty image!

(Click here to see a shark)

Download - Stereogram - 3D Object Viewer (v1.0)

Stereogram - 3D Object Viewer v1.0 by Colin Ord.

The Stereogram - 3D Object Viewer is has been designed exclusively to prove that 'something' does exist inside stereogram images.


Simply download the application ZIP file and extract the contents to a single folder.

1) Run the program by double clicking on the 'Stereogram_3D_Object_Viewer_v1_0.exe' icon.

2) Load in any BMP, JPG or GIF stereogram using the file dialogue popup (a shark stereogram has been provided in the folder to get you started)

3) Once loaded the image processing starts. Wait a short time for the result to appear (a single grid and solid black box will show during this process).

4) When the result is shown simply move the mouse slowly across the image (to the right). Move the mouse (overlay image) until you see the images converging. Once the overlay image and the background match you will see the 3D object form for a short instance. To continue seeing the 3D object you must continously move the mouse back and forth across the image.

5) It is possible to 'focus' on various parts of the object using this application. During viewing less 'wiggle' means the point of interest is in focus, more 'wiggle' means point of interest is out of focus.

Zip: (1348KB)

Zip Contents:












shark_markers.bmp (400x237)



- Use stereogram images with marker aids (dots above image) to help find the object.

- Stereogram - 3D Object Viewer also works with stereo pairs. See depth areas in the photo!

- Processing of stereograms wider than 400 pixels will result in longer processing times. Images larger that half the screen height will move the application window off the screen causing graphical errors. Monitor screen resolution = 1024x768. Maximum height of stereogram should be 384 pixels.

- Due to limitations of the programming language (Just Basic) please make sure no other windows overlap the Stereogram 3D Object Viewer window when the image is being processed. Graphical errors may appear in the final render. If this happens you should hide all other windows and restart the application. Keep the application above all other windows until processing has completed.

Parallel vision stereograms (used for my tests)

See the 3D in Stereo Pairs too (used for my tests)


This software is experimental. If you choose to download and use this software you do so at your own risk.

It has not been optimised for speed or graphics hardware solutions and contains minor bugs.

This software is freeware for private or commercial use. License is granted to freely distribute the software (v1.0 only) on websites, with magazines etc as long as no cost is associated with its use or download although it would also be nice to receive feedback on how you find using the software


Some minor issues still exist in the software and will be corrected in future versions.

Stereogram Image Credits

Shark: Random dot stereogram showing a shark, to be watched with "wall-eyed"

WiKi Source: Fred Hsu, March 2005

Butterfly: Author Unknown

Dinosaur: Stereogram Workshop is Copyright © 2009 by Sandy Knoll Software, LLC.

Soldier (knight): Author Unknown

Lion Statue: Stereo photo pair (parallel format) of Edward Kemeys's lion statue outside the Art Institute of Chicago, in Illinois. Author Kim Scarborough