Stereograms - 'See' the 3D objects using Photoshop

How to make your own Stereogram - 3D Object Viewer using Photoshop!

Video tutorial steps:

1) Load stereogram image in Photoshop

2) Duplicate the stereogram layer

3) Define a 2x2 pixel chequerboard pattern with black and transparent pixels.

4) Create a new empty layer above the two stereogram layers

5) Fill this empty layer with the chequerboard pattern

6) Select all black pixels on this pattern

7) Select the duplicated layer and press delete. (This has now removed every second pixel from this layer (see-through).

8) Deslect all.

8) Move the duplicated layer across the image (hold shift) until matching elements converge. The 3D object will appear for a split second.

9) The layer has to be moved continously across the image to see the effect. Once movement ceases all depth queues disappear.


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(Click to see the 3D soldier - animated Gif)

(Click to see the 3D butterfly - animated Gif))

(Click to see the 3D dinosaur - animated Gif))

Results: (Works with Stereo Pairs too)

(Click to see the 3D in this stereo pair - animated Gif))


"I love this Photoshop trick-- really neat!"

Paul Spinrad, Projects editor for MAKE Magazine.

"I am really astonished that a chessboard pattern can show the hidden picture."

Jürgen, Mathematische Basteleien.

"I am very interested in this project...Nice job on the Photoshop solution."

Steve Perry, Eye Adventures.

"Excellent use of the wiggling stereo!"

Igor Polk, Wiggle stereo innovator

Stereogram and Stereo Pair Image Credits

Butterfly: Author Unknown

Dinosaur: Stereogram Workshop is Copyright © 2009 by Sandy Knoll Software, LLC.

Soldier (knight): Author Unknown

Lion Statue: Stereo photo pair (parallel format) of Edward Kemeys's lion statue outside the Art Institute of Chicago, in Illinois. Author Kim Scarborough

Page Updated - 21st November 2009 by Colin Ord