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Freeware 'save as you type' notepad

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About AutoNotesUSB (v2.04)
Save as you type
A unique 'save as you type' notepad. Never loose those important notes again with this invaluable portable freeware utility (AutoNotesUSB is single executable (<60kb) file capable of being run from any folder or writable storage device). It's impressive autosaving feature saves your notes on each keypress, paste action and exit command constantly keeping your notes upto-date and correct.

Discreet Interface
The AutoNotesUSB interface is simple, unobtrusive and blends in with daily office applications for discreet usage. If you need to exit the utility quickly (aka boss mode) it will exit instantly with your notes being saved and readily available the next time AutoNotesUSB is run.

Screen Icon Functions
Clock:            Places the current date and at the current cursor position.
Line Break:    Adds a simple dotted line to help separate your notes.
Lock:             Disables the text box
Unlock:          Enables the text box

AutoNotesUSB can easily survive operating system crashes and system/program errors whilst ensuring all text to the last keypress is saved successfully each and every time.

Key Features

- Automatically saves your notes as you type.
- Portable - runs from any writable device or folder.
- Discreet interface
- Tiny executable (<60kb)
- Simple plain text output
- Superfast open/close. (Closes instantly without data loss)
- Simple and unobtrusive interface.
- Saves current window size and position.
- Word wrapping
- Save selected text to a new text file.
- Word and character counter.
- Easily survives system/program errors or crashes.
- Windows only software
- Freeware (no nag screens, time or save restrictions).


Zip contents:
AutoNotesUSB2.04.exe (52kb)
AutoNotesUSB2.04_Help.txt (3kb)


  1. Unzip the archive and extract autonotesusb2.04.exe to a location of your choice.
  2. Run autonotesusb2.04.exe by clicking its icon. In the first instance a popup will notify you that a configuration file has been created. A default notes.txt file has also been placed in the folder.
  3. Press okay to continue.
  4. The folder now contains the following 4 files
  • AutoNotesUSB2.04.exe
  • AutoNotesUSB2.04_Help.txt
  • AutoNotesUSB.ini
  • AutoNotesUSB.txt
     5.  Double click the autonotesusb.exe icon again to begin taking notes.

  • The default AutoNotesUSB.txt file must be stored in the current AutoNotesUSB folder
  • Place AutoNotesUSB on a encrypted Volume/Drive to secure your notes e.g. A TrueCrypt encrypted volume.
  • The window position can be reset by pressing Ctrl+W

  • What do you think should be added to future versions?


If you choose to download and use this software you do so at your own risk.

The autonotesusb.exe (v2.04) software is freeware for commercial or private use.
License is granted to freely distribute the software (v2.04 only) on websites, with magazines etc as long as no cost is associated with its use or download. (It would also be nice to receive feedback on how you find using the software etc).

Data Loss
Since the notes are saved on every keypress a reasonably fast USB stick is advised. If a very slow read/write device (e.g. old USB flash drive) is used or the OS driver isn't implemented well, data loss might occur if the device has to catch up with the data being written to the drive. I only saw this once in pre- release tests and haven't experienced it again in the current release (V2.04) available on this page.


Some minor issues still exist in the software and will be corrected in future versions.

AutoNotesUSB (v2.04) by Colin Ord, 2009
Colin Ord,
Oct 2, 2009, 5:08 PM