Computer Projects

New for 2013
Source Code available for my Duck Hunt Remake game!

Android Programming
Example apps built using the awesome Basic4Android programming language!

NEW - 3D Orientation Sensor - control a virtual camera looking around a 3D scene
NEW - Nintendo Duck Hunt
- part remake of the popular 1984 duck hunting game for Android devices.
Finger Draw - simple dawing tool - will post some nice images I created with it soon!
Duck Shoot - First attempt at a carnival type shooting game

CrossBro - a realtime, multi browser refreshing tool. Perfect for HTML and CSS training and cross browser page development. Works great and extends capabilities of Adobe Shadow! UPDATED

Free Download Available NOW!
Update: Beta version 0.91 available

Mouselook 3D FPS Project - March, 2011.  With a desire to understand all the steps required to make a commercial 3D game (coding requirements, graphics and file formats, etc) I decided to attempt my very own little 3D FPS game.  I coded the game in nine evenings using Blitz3D and used Deled_CE for all 3D content. See the video on YouTube for more details.

DIY Realtime 3D Motion Tracker [3-DOF] - Video
3D motion tracking using a simple light source (torch) and a low resolution webcam.
DIY 3D Laser Scanner - Video

DIY 2D Motion Tracker

AutoNotesUSB (A handy 'save as you type' notepad)