Minutes 2017-01-30

Cobb County Lodge Officers Association

Minutes of 1/30/17

Meeting opened by Rusty Cordle

Pledge of Allegiance by Rusty Cordle

Opening Prayer by Edwin Lamour

Acworth Lodge—Feb,4 E.A. degree 9am breakfast 10am degree- Feb,11 Children’s visit- Feb 18, Blood drive.

Battle Hill Lodge—Feb,6 MELD Investigation class- March,4 Chill cook-off, March,6 Fish Fry-March,11 Breakfast fundraiser.

Kennesaw Lodge- Feb,7 Jerry Henry speaking on Ga. Carry- March,7 E.A. Degree- April,8 pancake Breakfast.

Nelms Lodge- Feb,13 Rocky Rothrock speaker- March 27, Grand Master visit, 65 year award for Sam Whitfield and Flag retirement by the Boy Scouts- May,20 Bar-B-Que.

Springville Lodge- Feb,14 E.A. degree.

Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge- May,6 Bar-B-Que fundraiser-June,24 300 year Celebration in Marietta.

James E. Sledge D.L. Lodge- Meetings on 2nd Wednesday morning at 11am each month.

Meyerherdt Lodge- Feb,3 Blood drive- March,9 E.A. degree- April,22-23 Big Shanty days.

Mableton Lodge- Feb,23 Children’s home mini forum- March,18 pancake fundraiser for the 7th District scholarship program.

Latham Lodge- Feb,2 E.A. degree- Feb,11 Pancake breakfast fundraiser- March,11 The 20th annual bluegrass festival in Dallas, Ga.

Thanks to Meyerhardt for hosting and for the refreshments. There were a total of 32 brothers present. Thanks for the great turnout. The next meeting will be July, 31 at Latham Lodge.

Submitted by

Rusty Cordle, Secretary