Minutes 2023-10-30

Lodge Officers Meeting – 10/30/2023

Meeting was opened by WB Jim Moore at approximately 7:00pm

Opening Prayer was given by WB Jim Cooke

Pledge of Allegiance was also presented by WB Jim Moore


Roll call of lodges was done:

Acworth           1                                          Battle Hill         6        

Kennesaw       6                                          Nelms               5

Springville       1                                          S S Lawrence         5

James Sledge 8                                      Meyerherdt             3

Mableton                6                                          Latham             1


Bill McGloin

Jughead Rodgers

Kenneth Hood

Johnny Cosbys Wife


Dates of Events:


             Veterans Day Raffle 11/11

             Fellowcraft and Masters TBD

             11/25 Pancake Breakfast


Battle Hill

             Passed out itinerary…See Attached



             11/7   Lodge Birthday and Veterans Appreciation

             11/21 Past Masters Night

             12/5   Elections

             12/16 Wreaths across America



11/4   Childrens Home

11/13 Past Masters and Veterans Appreication

12/2   Hands on Christmas Chip Event

12/9   Santa and 12/16

12/11 Elections



             Fayetteville Lodge doing Rose on the Altar


Sam Lawrence

             12/5 Elections


James Sledge

    Passed out itinerary…See Attached



Passed out itinerary…See Attached



             Moving Back Into Their Lodge

             11/9 25 Year Award for Rusty Cordle



             Nothing for 4th quarter

             11/9 Family Night



The next meeting date was set for 1/29/2024 at Battle Hill. 

Closing prayer was then given by Brother Jim Moore and meeting was adjourned.