This is the resource site for Richard Tol's 2014 textbook Climate Economics: Economic analysis of climate, climate change, and climate policy. The book can be ordered from Edward ElgarAmazon UK and Amazon US. There is a preview on Google Books. The first book reviews are in.
The book appeared in 2016 in Chinese as 
氣候經濟學 – 氣候的經濟分析氣候變化和氣候政策
and can be ordered from Dangdang (or here), Amazon China, or Amazon US.
There are quizzes to help revise material, and a survey about attitudes towards climate change and policy.
There are supporting data and literature references to deepen learning.
There is a blog for policy discussions and recent papers.
There is a YouTube channel for infotainment and videos of lectures. There are slides too!
There is a Facebook page for discussion.

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