Welcome to our CLIL4U Language Pre-Course Website


This course is for CLIL teachers who plan to attend the Main CLIL4U Course, which is delivered in English, or for any CLIL teachers who teach in English. It is designed to help you learn about English, and to give you a chance to practise it.

Each Unit describes one aspect of CLIL. You can experience CLIL for yourselves because content (information both about CLIL and about English) and language (practice using English) are integrated.

Each Unit has the following steps:

1. Read a text about an aspect of CLIL

This has been placed in CLILStore, which allows you to access a number of online dictionaries to look up any words you do not know.

2. Read a Language Focus, which tells you more about the language point covered in the Unit.

3. Practise the language point using the exercises given.

4. Link to other websites where you can read more about the language point, or do further practice.

We hope that this preparation will give you more confidence in English, while helping you learn something about CLIL.

Enjoy the experience!

Sandra Attard-Montalto, Lindsay Walter & Dougas Matheson (Executive Training Institute - ETI Malta)

on behalf of

The CLIL4U Team