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NEWS ALERT - Northern residents concerned about gag order

Residents of Northern Saskatchewan are alerting the public to a 

draft agreement between uranium producers Cameco & Areva and the Village of Pinehouse to provide money for "community investment" in exchange for support of uranium mining operations, present and future.  

Residents are particularly concerned about clauses such as 

Check out our new YouTube Channel featuring this gem.....

"Pinehouse promises to...Not make statements or say things in public or to any government, business or agency that opposes Cameco/Areva's mining operations; Make reasonable efforts to ensure Pinehouse members do not say or do anything that interferes with or delays Cameco/Areva's mining, or do or say anything that is not consistent with Pinehouse's promises under the Collaboration Agreement."

 Green Energy Project-Saskatchewan's   

 (GEPS) goal is to create a comprehensive, 

  technically sound plan to transform   

  Saskatchewan's electricity grid to run on    

  renewable energy sources in a way that will 

  also be economically & socially beneficial for     

  rural, urban & First Nations communities.   


CBC's As It Happens interviewed Pinehouse Mayor Mike Natamagon about the agreement on Nov. 28/12, first interview in part two.  

As It Happens did a follow up interview on Dec. 14/12 upon the agreement being signed, first interview in part three.

Visit this link for an overview, news stories & audio clips.  

Blog post:  Corporate Control & the profitability of "Consent" 

Committee For Future Generations site.

No Nuclear! Choose Life! - an amazing collection of images.

**** The agreement has been signed as of Dec.12/12.  Read it and the press release here.  ****

Media Release:  Pinehouse residents decry imminent signing of uranium "gag agreement"

Senators & U of S Faculty continue to raise awareness about the impact of corporate connections at the University of Saskatchewan.  

Radioactive Trinity:  A Study of the Partnerships & Collaborations of Government, Industry & the University of Saskatchewan.

Visions clash at animated U of S Senate meeting.  The bulk of this article contains comments by U of S President Peter McKinnon dismissing the legitimate concerns raised by the USSWORD Senators.  

A group of Senators at the University of Saskatchewan known as USSWORD, have joined with other groups & individuals who are concerned about the Corporatization of our University.  

GEPS have issued a series of five reports called Transforming Saskatchewan's Electrical Future:  

On November 15th, 2012 –  the tenth anniversary of the Nuclear Fuel Waste Act coming into force – Nuclear Waste Watch sent a letter to the federal Minister of Natural Resources the Hon. Joe Oliver calling for a review of the decade-old Nuclear Fuel Waste Act and to order the nuclear industry to conduct its business in a more open and accountable fashion. At the same time, Nuclear Waste Watch issued an open letter to the communities being studied by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization as possible burial sites. 

The HUES3 Campaign has released three significant public opinion polls this fall on nuclear issues in Saskatchewan, and yet none have received much media coverage in the province.  Is this the uranium curtain at work?

Seventy-five percent do not want nuclear waste disposal sites in Saskatchewan, says public opinion poll. (September 26, 2012)

Saskatchewan public opinion survey tells CCNI Nuclear Centre, “No nukes in the tar sands!" (October 17, 2012)

Stop uranium mining in the province until radioactive mine tailings are contained, say 68% of Saskatchewanians

(October 24, 2012)

Visit the HUES3 Campaign on Facebook, and share with your friends!


The University & The Nuclear Industry - a personal, subjective view from a long-time faculty member, Alexander M. Ervin, Ph.D. Professor, Anthropology.

Becoming Radioactive:  The University's Nuclear Alliance.

Nuclear Hotseat #74: First Nations Battle Nuclear Genocide in Canada

Listen to Candyce & Marius from the Committee For Future Generations. 

Visit the group on Facebook!

The Committee for Future Generations continues to raise awareness about nuclear waste issues in the north. This campaign has been a tremendous success, gathering support from people across the province to work toward a legislated ban on nuclear waste.

Special Report on 

Nuclear Waste 

from Richard McGuire 

at the Meadow Lake Progress paper.  

June 21, 2012


The Coalition has created a page with resources & suggestions to encourage residents from across Saskatchewan to support this historic action.  The page includes Walk  photos, more photos (thanks Doug) petition, an open letter to Saskatchewan people, radio interviews, messages of solidarity, videos, news & much more.  You can make a donation to the group.

Saskatchewan is being targeted for High Level Nuclear Waste Disposal.

Moving Saskatchewan Forward...To A Toxic Economy

For R-Town News, September 2, 2011

Listen to Debby from the road, Peter

Prebble's talk

& inspiring music from the

Saskatoon meeting!

Listen to an interview with D'Arcy Hande on Vancouver Cooperative Radio "Uranium production for the tar sands".

Listen to Climate Activist, Michael Mann, scientist and author of "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines".


Re-asking the big "theological" questions about sustainability - Jim Harding

Critics pan instructions to Environment Canada scientists at Montreal conference

Ottawa to slash environment role (video interviews on this page)

Outsiders unwelcome at project reviews: natural resources minister

Cabinet to get final say on pipeline projects

ForestEthics giving up charity status to take Tories on

(includes video interviews with Clayton Ruby & David Suzuki)

Nuclear Waste in Saskatchewan? We've been here before..

Follow the yellowcake road: Nuclear power, tarsands extraction, and the co-option of the University of Saskatchewan

Look Who’s Talking: Hurl all the insults you want but caring about the planet isn't "radical".

Canadian government is 'muzzling its scientists' 

The Little Reactor that Couldn’t (remember Slowpoke?)

Pollution from the Nuclear Fuel Chain (picture)

Killing the Wheat Board, Kyoto and the Rule of Law

Bruce Power will not proceed with nuclear option in Alberta   

also see Bruce Power withdraws nuclear plant proposal 

Read BPs press release

To Environmental Groups from an Alberta grain farmer Nov. 27, 2011

I am a Canadian wheat and barley producer; who values and respects democratic process.  I want to protect the environment, preserve wild life habitat and I am very concerned about climate change.....(download letter) 

Rock Solid? A scientific review of geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste is based on a literature review of scientific journals & provides an overview of the status of research & scientific evidence regarding the long-term underground disposal of highly radioactive wastes.  Get the report here.

Metis Nation-Saskatchewan Favours Ban on Nuclear Waste.  

Watch "Into Eternity", a documentary about a nuclear waste site currently under construction in Finland.  

We say NO to nuclear waste dump in our province, and we call for a STOP to the production of nuclear waste.  Learn more about  nuclear waste  including

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is looking for a place to bury high level nuclear waste in Canada. Three Saskatchewan communities have expressed interest in this plan: Pinehouse, Creighton and English River First Nation. 

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) has accepted $1 million dollars from the NWMO for "capacity development, education and awareness and partnership opportunities with First Nations in Saskatchewan."   Given that NWMO consists of nuclear power producers,  the FSIN should be encouraged to

seek independent information for 

communities to make an informed                    (Get Poster here)



Jim Harding has written several articles recently exploring various aspects of Saskatchewan hosting a nuclear waste dump.  These may be reprinted with credit given to R-Town News. 

The Challenges Of Achieving A Nuclear Waste Ban

"A Nuclear Waste Ban: Can We Take The Bull By The Horns?"

What the Assembly of First Nations Says About Nuclear Wastes

Why a Nuclear Waste Ban Is Needed In Saskatchewan

The Keepers of the Water Gathering IV took place at Wollaston Lake this summer. Read the resolutions passed at the gathering. Jim Harding was one of many in attendance, here are two of his latest articles:

What’s the Alternative to Nuclear Colonialism in the North? A Background paper for Keepers of the Water IV, Wollaston Lake, August 2010.

Uranium Industry Self-Promotes:  North Remains "Among Poorest" August 2010

Check out more of Jim's columns, including PDF versions.

Learn more about how Indigenous Peoples are affected by the nuclear industry worldwide.

100's of people from across the province rallied in Saskatoon in 2009 to show their support for a Nuclear Free & Green Energy future for Saskatchewan...

Sasky The Living Skies Guy says Hope is Alive & Well!

Listen to the sounds of Hope on

''Making The Links'' Radio

Check out news coverage & photos!

Voice your opinion! Write, phone, fax your MLAs, newspapers, radio stations etc. Here is some useful contact information to send a message to your elected representatives at  all levels of government.

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan is calling on the Saskatchewan Government to pass provincial legislation banning the importation, transportation and storage of nuclear wastes (spent fuel) from other Canadian provinces and countries around the world. 

Raise Your Voice and Just Say NO!  

Get the statement here.  

Take it to your church, synagogue, service club, sports team or other community group to sign.  

Ask your candidates where they stand on nuclear waste.  Read Manitoba's nuclear waste law.  Check out these photos of a demonstration opposing nuclear waste in Saskatchewan.


Chernobyl 25 Years Later

Our homage to the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster


Max and Debby Morin from Beauval, with Dan Lindsey from Regina, describe efforts of the newly formed Committee for Future Generations to make all Saskatchewan residents, particularly Northerners, aware of the Nuclear industry's plans to site nuclear waste repositories and eventually nuclear waste reprocessing facilities, in this province. 

This is an excellent overview of the human rights, environmental and economic implications of plans to turn Saskatchewan into a nuclear waste dump. An in depth and thought provoking interview from March 11, 2011.


4500 Signature Petition Presented to Saskatchewan Government, Premier says province not in the "mood" for waste

Member groups of the Coalition attended the Saskatchewan Legislature on April 14, 2011 to present a petition calling for a ban on nuclear waste disposal in the province.  Read our press release.  

Reaction was swift, with Premier Brad Wall acknowledging the "mood" of the province didn't seem to be supporting nuclear waste storage at this time.  Wall told reporters "what's happened in Japan has got people thinking, just generally speaking, about the issue".

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix reacted angrily to Mr. Wall's comments by calling the Coalition a "marginal" group of "anti-technological ideologues" responsible, in part, for increasing Saskatchewan's coal consumption due to the defeat of the Warman uranium refinery in the 1970's.  This is a bizarre reaction for a news organization.

In sharp contrast, the Calgary Herald dismissed similar plans for Northern Alberta to become a nuclear waste disposal site.

Next step: the passage of legislation banning nuclear waste in Saskatchewan.  Ask your candidates if they will work toward this waste ban.

Jim Harding has written about our trip to the legislature, as well as Health and Trust: Hard Lessons from Chernobyl & Fukushima.  


Listen to Dr. Edwards on CKOM News Talk Radio

Listen to the Phone In on CBC Radio Blusky


A High Level Waste Dump for Saskatchewan?

Nuclear Reactors for Saskatchewan?

Alternatives for Saskatchewan

"Yellowcake" examines nuclear power's front end


Why geologic storage will not solve the high level nuclear waste problem


The Radioactive Legacy of the Nuclear Age 


Nuclear Waste Resources from the United Church of Canada

The Saskatchewan Conference Division of Mission, United Church of Canada passed a resolution at its May 2010 meeting calling on the Saskatchewan Government to ban the transportation & storage of nuclear waste in our province. Read the resolution here.

The United Church of Canada has embraced the complexities of the nuclear waste issue and in part says "The United Church believes that human societies must bear a responsibility toward the Earth in its wholeness......We also believe that energy policy in Canada should be based on publicly stated ethical principles, and should shift away from the strategy of expanding supply through energy megaprojects to focus more on managing demand and development of renewable, alternative sources."  

"Always Changing, Forever Yours: Nuclear Fuel Wastes" encourages reflection on the complex ethical issues related to nuclear fuel production and use.  Leader's Guide provides in-depth background church policy and scientific references, additional resources, and guidance for study leaders.

Smiling Sun

Here is an interview with the creator of the "Nuclear Power? No Thanks" logo, published April 2011.


Getting To A Green-Powered Earth: Solartopia "Solartopia is the good, brave, renewable world of sustainability, dignity, prosperity & freedom" Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The smiling sun "Nuclear Power? No Thanks" logo appears on our website with permission. It has quite a history. Click here to find out more. 

Watch this great video of  Pete Seeger, & Friends singing for Solartopia! 

Saskatchewan Gov't Responds to UDP and Perrins reports.

On December 17, 2009 the Province finally responded, saying no to a nuclear power plant for now, but indicating it will pursue research reactors and support uranium mining. The door is also still open to storing nuclear waste in our province. Read the full report.

The UDP Report:

The summary diagram below (click to enlarge) indicates that nuclear power plants, waste storage and enrichment are the nuclear industry's immediate priorities for Saskatchewan.

UDP Report (PDF 3.3MB)

UPD Report Executive Summary

Government press release

Clean Green's press release.

Analysis of UDP Report by Dr. Jim Harding

Leaflet: UDP Report: Flawed Assumptions, Rehashed Recommendations.

The Provincial Government's Uranium Development Partnership report was released on April 3, 2009. The public consultation process, "The Future of Uranium in Saskatchewan" went from May 26 to July 31, chaired by Dan Perrins.  The Final Report on the Public Consultations was  submitted to the government on August 31, 2009 and was released to the public on September 15. Here are Dan Perrins' nine recommendations.

The Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies has wrapped up its inquiry into Saskatchewan’s energy future. Read the final report released April 5, 2010.