Welcome to my website!

My name is Claudia Mignone and I used to study the Universe, while now I mostly write about it <==> I am an astronomer turned science writer and currently work for the European Space Agency (ATG Europe for ESA).

In my spare time, I enjoy collaborating with visual and performing artists on projects inspired by science, space and astronomy to research new approaches to scientific narration.

Stuff you can find (or not) in this website – not necessarily in this (or any) order:
  • articles I write for ESA about astronomy & space science
  • press releases and other articles I've written in the past (mostly astronomy stuff for a wider public)
  • slides of presentations about a series of astronomical topics (for a variety of audiences)
  • some details about my previous research work in cosmology
  • photos
  • other projects lurking in my mind
  • my thoughts on: science education; education in general; the sociology of scientific and academic research
  • other stuff I'm interested in + random thoughts...