Bob Ainsworth

posted May 12, 2011, 4:11 AM by Jim Waldron
First, I’d like to thank Jim Waldron and his committee for their efforts
in putting this reunion together. I’m sure it’s been untold hours that they have donated on our behalf.
For me,  something about being 40 years out of high school struck a chord in
wanting to attend this reunion. Unlike many of you who stayed in the New Jersey area, I haven’t been back
to the school since graduation and have had  little contact with anyone from our class except for an alumni tour
event that was held a few years ago in the Boston area and bumping into Mike Kennedy at a BC reunion.
That event was better than I’d thought it would be- nothing like the stereotypical  “ bad reunion” that we’ve
all heard about. Similar to many of you, my wife still has local friends from her high school days and it is great to
see them together.  So I look forward to reconnecting/catching up.
As others have said better than I can, St Benedict’s took us in as scared kids and sent us out better
prepared as almost adults. And it seems from the few posts I’ve read many of us have put that
education and training to good use.
As for my life since 1971, I graduated from Boston College in Accounting, got an MBA in Finance from Northeastern
and have my CPA.  I’m married for 35 years ( almost as amazing as 40 years out of high school!) with 3 boys in their
mid to late 20’s, who are still finding their paths ( I’m guessing not an uncommon occurrence among us).  My work career
for the last 20 plus years has been in the print and on-line media industry in Boston and California as CFO/ Controller.
I have a side career teaching Accounting /Finance at local colleges, which hopefully will give me lots of time and a few coins for
 golf when I’ve had enough fun working full-time.
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