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posted May 11, 2016, 8:02 PM by Jim Waldron

Peter Tunison

posted May 11, 2016, 8:01 PM by Jim Waldron

2016 finds my wife and myself both retired and living in St Paul MN.  Turning 60 in 2013 meant mandatory retirement from the US Air Force so after clearing up some medical issues, I headed west to rejoin the family after 8 years in Washington DC.  Since then we have traveled around America and spent some time in Europe but now with the passing of all parents and our three children spread around the US and not married or any grandchildren, we have decided on a change. We have gotten rid of most things we own, rented a storage unit and filled it, rented out our house and a few weeks after the reunion we head to Europe for a few years of traveling around while we have our health. One suitcase each plus electronics, the kids can visit us.


pete  l  201 438 3480  l  Saint Paul, May 10, 2016

Jim Waldron

posted Apr 11, 2016, 3:23 AM by Jim Waldron

The last 5 years have been pretty eventful for me. Right after our reunion my oldest daughter got married to Matt Daley.   Just before the wedding Matt let me know that he had been signed by the Yankees as a relief pitcher,  He had spent his previous 6 years with the Colorado Rockies working his way up to his final 3 years with the big club.  Shortly after a rehab period he debuted with the Yankees against the Red Sox in Yankee Stadium.. one of my most memorable events as a spectator but not most.  That came on September 26, 2013 when Matt relieved Mariano Rivera in his last game at Yankee Stadium.  Several years later Matt became a scout for the Yankees and he and my daughter Clare gave me a wonderful son Connor James Daley who may just become the next Yankee in the family.

Joe Knipper

posted Jun 6, 2011, 8:06 PM by Jim Waldron

First I, too, want to thank the committee for the endless time that they have put in for the upcoming event.

Upon leaving the Hive in '71 I spent then next 4 years at Stonehill College in Mass. I graduated with a degree in elementary education and was the senior class president and played all four years varsity soccer. I then had two stints of teaching and working for Sunshine Biscuits. I have three daughters from my first marriage. The oldest, Jaimie, who is an OBGYN in the the Air Force completing her residency at Penn State Medical in Hershey Pa. She was one of 45 students accepted 6 years ago where the Air Force has paid for three years of her education. She also had the first and only grandchild, Carter Joseph, who is now 18 months old. The next, Melissa, graduated from Quinnipiac and teaches in an autistic school in Eatontown. And the youngest, Heather, just graduated from Lafayette and will be attending Seton Hall Law School. Thank god I have written the last college check.
Currently I now work for ADT Security as a sales manager in the office in Edison, NJ. For my leisure time I have been a state certified wrestling official for 30 years and have been ranked high enough to have been selected as one of the six officials to officiate the state finals. I also am a state certified high school soccer official for 25 years and have done many state playoff games. I also am the commissioner for a 30 team softball league in Freehold for the past 16 years and still currently play and pitch for two modified softball teams. I have been married for the last nine years to Sharon and live in Freehold.
I look forward to seeing many familiar faces next week as it seems incredible it has been 40 years since we left. I still remember the days of walking down to Broad St to catch the bus and  the morning bus which was loaded with many St Benedict's kids. Also who can forget Mr. K. In health class, Father Basil making you squat in the aisle for talking, Father John throwing those recorders when you weren't paying attention, Father O'Leary's detention classes standing completely still, and Dick Tapp's English vocabulary quizzes. And the battle of German, French and those Latin classes. I'm sure we all have so many memories. Looking forward to next Saturday.
Joe Knipper

Kevin Scannell

posted May 25, 2011, 8:08 PM by Jim Waldron

I have enjoyed reading the class updates that have been posted already and I guess its my turn.


After graduation I went to St. Anselm's in New Hampshire for freshman year. In September of 72 I married Nancy Grasso. We had met in at a St. B's party at the shore in my Jr. year. We will be married 39 years in the fall. First came Patricia, (Nurse practitioner) then Timothy (Bergen Co. Sheriff's Officer) then Kevin (Rutherford Police Officer) then Patrick. Patrick was born with Cystic Fybrosis and we lost him when he was 10 years old after a long and painful time. Many marriages fail with the loss of a child but I really think our family became stronger.


In 1972 I went to work at a cabinet shop and was lucky enough to have been trained by a German cabinet maker. I worked there full time until 1976 at which time I became a member of the Rutherford Police Department. I had an eventful and rewarding career and retired from the department on 2003 after 28 years. When I went on the department I was still working part time at the cabinet shop and in 1981 I opened my own cabinet shop. My old boss told me when I was leaving that I would never be happy if I was not working with wood and he was right. Managing the two careers was difficult but with my days off being weekdays it worked out fine.


Presently I am in the process of closing down my shop and preparing to move to Bayville NJ. I built a house there in the early 80's. It took me 7 years but built it from the ground up. I am in the process of updating it presently.


I am blessed with 4 grandaughters and I have a lot more time to be there for them. Life has had its ups and downs but I guess thats what life is.

If it were not for the bad times I wouldn't be enjoying the good times.


In closing I would like to thank Jim for the good job he did on the reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion .

Peter Tunison

posted May 18, 2011, 8:44 AM by Jim Waldron

Left Benedict’s and went on to Syracuse for the next 4 years plus one more in London to get my Bachelor of Architecture in ’76; left for 6 ½ years in The Gambia West Africa with Peace Corps for 3 and USAID another 3 ½.  Married a PCV there and moved to her home in Saint Paul, Minnesota, still married 28 years later, three kids, two out of college and one still there.  Joined the Minnesota Air National Guard in ’84 and have since worked for the Air Force and toured the world: 6 years at the base in Saint Paul and then 10 years raising the kids while a weekend warrior and Guard “bum” taking short tours of duty in West Africa and Israel for many years.  Went to DC for the Sept 12th on events, eventually ending up on active duty as a Colonel at the Pentagon, then ANG HQ at Andrews AFB in charge of the real estate, facility planning, programming and environmental compliance for our 88+ bases throughout the country. Not been to the wars myself, but my two sons are in the Air National Guard and have each been there.  I have been told by my now retired wife that I will also retire when I hit mandatory military retirement when I turn 60, that’s the way it will be. Linda has been living in Saint Paul all these years so it will be good to move back to be with her everyday!

Jack Shea

posted May 14, 2011, 3:49 PM by Jim Waldron

May I say how eagerly I await our 40th reunion. I look much the same as I did in 1971…well, perhaps a few features have succumbed to the calendar’s onslaught. I’m happily married to a fabulous woman named Joan, nee Walter, whose father Arthur graduated from Benedict’s, class of ’45. I think he liked me anyway, but the Benedict’s connection sure didn’t hurt. Hardly a revelation to all of you, but the privilege of a St. Benedict’s Prep education has been, and shall always be, a badge of high honor.
I'm still in Jersey, but I’ll save further details on my so-called life for the big event. And thanks to Jim and John and Ed and Mike and Kevin for making it happen. See you in June.

Bob Ainsworth

posted May 12, 2011, 4:11 AM by Jim Waldron

First, I’d like to thank Jim Waldron and his committee for their efforts
in putting this reunion together. I’m sure it’s been untold hours that they have donated on our behalf.
For me,  something about being 40 years out of high school struck a chord in
wanting to attend this reunion. Unlike many of you who stayed in the New Jersey area, I haven’t been back
to the school since graduation and have had  little contact with anyone from our class except for an alumni tour
event that was held a few years ago in the Boston area and bumping into Mike Kennedy at a BC reunion.
That event was better than I’d thought it would be- nothing like the stereotypical  “ bad reunion” that we’ve
all heard about. Similar to many of you, my wife still has local friends from her high school days and it is great to
see them together.  So I look forward to reconnecting/catching up.
As others have said better than I can, St Benedict’s took us in as scared kids and sent us out better
prepared as almost adults. And it seems from the few posts I’ve read many of us have put that
education and training to good use.
As for my life since 1971, I graduated from Boston College in Accounting, got an MBA in Finance from Northeastern
and have my CPA.  I’m married for 35 years ( almost as amazing as 40 years out of high school!) with 3 boys in their
mid to late 20’s, who are still finding their paths ( I’m guessing not an uncommon occurrence among us).  My work career
for the last 20 plus years has been in the print and on-line media industry in Boston and California as CFO/ Controller.
I have a side career teaching Accounting /Finance at local colleges, which hopefully will give me lots of time and a few coins for
 golf when I’ve had enough fun working full-time.
Bob Ainsworth, CPA
CFO, New England Business Media
172 Shrewsbury St.
Worcester, MA 01652
Ph     508-755-8004 ext 252
FAX  508-755-8860

Paul Diveny

posted May 6, 2011, 9:00 PM by Jim Waldron

My trajectory since graduating from the Hive has been a little different than most. After graduating from Catholic U. with a BA in Latin, I joined St. Mary’s Abbey in Morristown in January 1976. I was quickly put to work there doing some of the things that had started at Benedict’s - teaching Latin and working as one of the yearbook moderators. In 1980, I had an experience that altered the course of my life. I was asked to go to Rome to study at Sant’Anselmo, the Benedictine university in Rome. I was there from 1980-1982 and received a diploma in Monastic Studies. That was the official part. What I also acquired was a life-long passion for the Italian language, culture and food. I returned to Delbarton in 1982 and resumed my teaching duties. Then, in 1985 Fr. Bruno was appointed headmaster and asked me to join his team as Assistant Headmaster. I served in that capacity for six years. During that time, I was asked once again to undertake a different course of studies to be able to serve at Delbarton. I had a acquired some proficiency in German and was asked to do some more coursework in order to be able to teach German. Long story short, I ended up getting a Masters degree in German from Middlebury College Language Schools over the course of four summers. After completing my degree and thus getting my summers back, I was given responsibility for the Abbey vegetable garden. In my early years in the monastery, I was put to work in the garden and discovered a real love for it. Since 1987 I have been growing organic produce on an almost one acre plot. For the next few years, I continued teaching and did some administrative work in the school and abbey. The next big change came in 1998 when I was asked to return to Rome and work at Sant’Anselmo. I spent another three years there serving as the Business Manager. I returned to Delbarton again in 2001 and went back to teaching and serving as subprior and prior of the monastery. In 2006, I was named headmaster of Delbarton and have served in that capacity since 2007. I have had a full and interesting life so far!

Mike Kennedy

posted May 6, 2011, 8:59 PM by Jim Waldron

I will be unable to attend this gathering and figured I would write some account of my time since raising my fist at graduation.  Went to BC for business school and transferred to liberal arts.  Received a degree in Sociology and a minor in Philosophy.  So, am able to philosophize about socializing?  Bounced around for a few years and ended up back in beantown where I have worked since 1978 in employment services.  Presently, I work for an engineering company; R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP, as their Recruiting Manager. We did the mechanical and electrical work on the Newark Prudential Center near Benedict’s.  Married my wife almost 30 years ago and we have three kids (two boys 24 and 26 and a daughter who is 15) and have lived in Boston all of that time. Still have my Jersey roots but did have to celebrate Giants victory in the Super Bowl quietly.  Have kept an eye on Benedict’s over the years, saw them play soccer up here and try to meet yearly with a New England group of alumni when they gather nearby. I went to the football reunion last year and was reminded of our 66-0 loss at Don Bosco. Coach Schiller couldn’t think of any other games to reference? One last point I would like to make is, how I feel so fortunate to know Father Leahy and to me he embodies all that is St. Benedict’s; the toughness, the spirituality and the caring that he shares with everyone. Enjoy your night and hopefully I will see you in 5 years! 

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