President Diane Warne Anderson

Meet Our Officers!

President: Diane Warne Anderson

She has been teaching at UMass Boston five years ago, after many years teaching in Minnesota. It was a bit like coming home, since she went to Wellesley College and had lived in Boston during summers afterwards, while at Duke University for her PHD. She teaches mostly Latin at all levels and some English courses. Her research includes Latin manuscripts and the history of teaching Latin, especially prosody. She also teaches at Latin immersion programs, including UMass Boston’s Conventiculum Bostoniense and the SALVI programs. Her husband Mike is a photographer. You might find her on a Saturday at one of the Boston Active Latin Meetups (CLIPeus) or at a Lupercal meeting!

Vice Presidents: Holly and Cori Russo

This year the office vice president will be shared by Cori and Holly Russo. Holly began her journey with Classics in Worcester, where she received her bachelor’s degree from Assumption College. From there she began her career teaching Latin at Abby Kelley Foster Charter School in Worcester. Holly received her master’s degree in Latin and Classical Humanities with a concentration in Applied Linguistics from UMass Boston. She is currently employed at East Boston High School where she is beginning her tenth year teaching Latin.

Cori Russo began studying Ancient Greek and Latin at Tufts University, where he later earned an MA in Classics. He began his Latin teaching career at Lynn Classical High School. He currently teaches at the Glen Urquhart School in Beverly, Massachusetts. Cori and Holly regularly attend the Conventiculum Bostoniense and SALVI’s Rusticatio Virginiana, both as participants and members of the staff. This year, Cori led the Rusticatio Omnibus as dux. The couple lives in Danvers with their two cats, Osiris and Isis.

Treasurer: Charlotte Webber

Charlotte is the CAM treasurer and a Latin teacher in Woburn. In her second year as treasurer, she has also been teaching Latin for six years, and is currently working on her master's degree at UMass Boston. As the treasurer, Charlotte is the person you should direct any membership questions to! You can put ATTN: Charlotte in an email to our main address, massclasswebmaster@gmail.com.

Newsletter Editor: Debra Heaton

Recently retired from Latin teaching after 34 years, Deb is a native of Virginia, where she taught in Fairfax County Public Schools for 11 years. She has taught Latin in Massachusetts in towns ranging from the North shore to Westford, and has been a World Language Curriculum Director, Assistant Principal and Principal in her career. Currently, she is a writing committee member of the National Latin Exam, the Membership Coordinator for MaFLA, and has been traveling entirely too much as a new retiree! If you have ideas for stories or have news to share, email Deb with ATTN: Deb in the subject line at massclasswebmaster@gmail.com. She'd love to share the news and have pedagogy!

President: Diane Warne Anderson

Vice-Presidents: Holly and Cori Russo

Past President: T J Howell

Newsletter Editor: Deb Heaton

Treasurer: Charlotte Webber

Secretary: Brenda Wood

Webmaster: Abbi Holt

MaFLA Representative: TBD

CANE Representative: TBD

ACL Representative: TBD

JCL Representative: TBD

Above: Vice-Presidents Holly and Cori Russo

Below: Treasurer Charlotte Webber