President Diane Warne Anderson

Meet Our Officers!

President: Diane Warne Anderson

She has been teaching at UMass Boston five years ago, after many years teaching in Minnesota. It was a bit like coming home, since she went to Wellesley College and had lived in Boston during summers afterwards, while at Duke University for her PHD. She teaches mostly Latin at all levels and some English courses. Her research includes Latin manuscripts and the history of teaching Latin, especially prosody. She also teaches at Latin immersion programs, including UMass Boston’s Conventiculum Bostoniense and the SALVI programs. Her husband Mike is a photographer. You might find her on a Saturday at one of the Boston Active Latin Meetups (CLIPeus) or at a Lupercal meeting!

Treasurer: Charlotte Webber

Charlotte is the CAM treasurer and a Latin teacher in Woburn. In her second year as treasurer, she has also been teaching Latin for six years, and is currently working on her master's degree at UMass Boston. As the treasurer, Charlotte is the person you should direct any membership questions to! You can put ATTN: Charlotte in an email to our main address, massclasswebmaster@gmail.com.

President: Diane Warne Anderson

Past President: T J Howell

Newsletter Editor: Kenneth Rothwell

Treasurer: Charlotte Webber

Secretary: Brenda Wood

Webmaster: Abbi Holt

Above: Treasurer Charlotte Webber

To the Left: President Diane Warne Anderson