The Classical Association of Massachusetts

We are accepting nominations for the CAM

Teacher of the Year award and Vice President

Please email one of our officers with nominations by the end of August.

Because of the way our finances work we ask you to pay your registration fees/dues by just entering the correct amount and donating it via Paypal.

Thank you for donating.

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The Classical Association of Massachusetts is a not-for-profit professional organization that fosters the study of classical languages and civilizations in Massachusetts. In particular, CAM meets the professional needs of teachers of Latin and Classical Humanities by sponsoring meetings and workshops.

The Classical Association of Massachusetts also works to promote, initiate, improve,and extend the study of Classical languages and civilizations by enlisting public support and encouraging an interchange of ideas and materials among Classics teachers at all levels of education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Program for our May 2022 Meeting:

CAM Meeting May 21, 2022 Program.docx

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