Awards and Scholarships

Recent Recipients of the CAM Excellence in Teaching Award

Marjorie Keeley 2014

Corrado Russo 2015

John Bracey 2016

Sara Cain 2017

Ken Rothwell Jr. 2019

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The CAM Excellence in Teaching Award

  • This Award recognizes a Classics teacher (Latin and/or Greek) who is a MaFLA member and a member of CAM for excellence in teaching and outstanding contributions to the profession.

CAM Batting Scholarship

Batting Scholarship Application (link is to a pdf) Deadline is the end of March; recipient will be notified by the end of April.

MaFLA has established a $500.00 scholarship to honor the memory of an outstanding teacher of Latin in Massachusetts. A long- time member of MaFLA, Elaine Batting served on MaFLA’s Board of Directors from 1990 until her untimely death in 1994. During her tenure as a teacher of Latin, she received numerous fellowships for both intensive study and travel during the summer and encouraged others to apply for such scholarships by presenting workshops on how to apply for fellowships and grants. Her studies and experiences contributed significantly to the curriculum base in classical languages. It is expected that the recipient of the Memorial Scholarship will make similar contributions to the study of classical languages in the Commonwealth, including a presentation at a future MaFLA Conference.

ELIGIBILITY The applicant must be a member in good standing of MaFLA, be a full-time teacher in a public or private school K-12, and must carry a teaching load of at least 60% in classical languages/studies. The application form must be supplemented with: 1. an outline of a study project or study proposal 2. a summary of curricular outcome of the project or travel 3. a short essay on how the proposed study or travel will impact the applicant’s future teaching 4. a recommendation from a fellow classics teacher concerning the candidate’s previous work and potential benefit from the proposed project or travel

Please check out the Classical Association of New England for further awards and scholarships