CiteSpace: Visualizing Trends and Patterns in Scientific Literature

Current Version: 5.3.R4

Welcome to CiteSpace101!

CiteSpace is a Java application for detecting, visualizing, and analyzing emerging trends and critical changes in scientific literature.

The software is freely available so that everyone can have his/her first-hand experience in understanding the structure and dynamics of a scientific domain.

There are many concepts and principles involved in handling such a complex process of visual analyses of a scientific domain. Through your first-hand experience, I hope CiteSpace will provide a valuable platform not only for you to develop a good understanding of a stream of scientific endeavors and revolutions in the past,but more importantly for you to have a tool that can assist you to better tape into scientific frontiers and scientific breakthroughs in the making.

This website aims to make the learning process as smooth as possible by providing detailed instructions and practical guidelines as well as answers to your questions.

Chaomei Chen

College of Computing and Informatics

Drexel University