Club Expectations

Expectations of the Cincinnati All Stars Track & Field Club (Parents, Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers)

1. The children are involved in the program because they want to be, not because their parents think it will be good for them.

2. Parents coaches, and children should be committed to support the program to their fullest capability.

3. All participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times, in areas of language, interaction with other team members, adults, and officials. Please do not disrespect your home training.

4. Athletes should arrive for practice promptly. We will teach new skills, techniques, etc. at the beginning of practice and condition after the teaching sessions.

5. In terms of valuables, personal items etc. please do not bring anything you could not afford and want to lose.

6. All injured athletes must be released by a physician before returning to practice and competition.

7. All coaching will be done by the coaches only. If you have any questions please ask the coach.

8. Keep lines of communication open, if you have a question concerning club operations, or any club activity please ask the person in charge of that area.

9. Use these ideas as a pattern for your behavior, at all times:

  • “Speak for yourself; not for anybody else.
  • Listen to others; then they will listen to you.
  • Avoid put-downs. Who needs them?
  • Take charge of yourself. You are responsible for you.
  • Show respect. Every person is important.”