Coach/Volunteer Information

If you wish to Coach, volunteer in the Cincinnati All Stars Track and Field Club program, you must be a current USATF member and successfully complete the USATF Background screening process. All Coaches and volunteers must complete the USOC Safe Sport Course. See below for links.

Here are some direct links for the SafeSport Program:

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Youth Club: Criminal Background Check Program - Overview

What do we, as a club, have to do to comply with this program?

Your club is required to have any coach or volunteer who has access to or direct contact with youth athletes (under the age of 18) during scheduled club practices or activities to:

Complete all the requirements listed on the: USATF Coaches Registry

Sports are supposed to be fun. One way to ensure our sport remains a fun and safe environment for everyone is to perform criminal background screening on coaches and volunteers who have direct contact with youth athletes.

As such, USA Track & Field has implemented a criminal background screening program on coaches and volunteers of youth clubs.

Background Checks have been implemented by USATF to:

  1. Promote a safe, nurturing, and supportive athletic environment in which youth athletes can pursue their athletic goals;
  2. Provide an environment where parents can feel good about allowing their child to participate in the sport of track & field; and
  3. Maintain the sport of track and field as a hostile environment for those who would seek to harm youth athletes.

Please note that this screening is not intended to serve as a pre-employment background screening program, nor can screening guarantee that incidents of abuse by coaches/volunteers will not occur. Background screening is designed as a preventative risk management tool, but does no insure inappropriate behavior will not occur.

The following offenses are being screened for:

  1. any crimes against children
  2. any sexual offenses
  3. drug convictions (within 5 years)
  4. weapons violations
  5. assaults, battery or any other crime of violence
  6. lewd conduct
  7. two (2) or more criminal convictions within the past five (5) years and/or three (3) or more criminal convictions as an adult.