2019 Registration Information

Items that must be provided for the registration of each athlete.

  • Register online with our club Cincinnati All Stars-All Star Registration 2019
    • (Make check payable to Cincinnati All Stars)
  • Register with USATF online - Click here - $20 / year paid to USATF (needed to be able to practice/compete)
    • NOTE: When registering online, provide our club number (17-0044) site will take any Credit card or electronic check.
  • Copy of your current USATF registration receipt or provide USATF membership number.
  • Copy of the Athlete's Birth Certificate for new USATF athletes submitted to Club.
  • Club Emergency Treatment & Release Form - Can be found on Handouts page
  • Completed Proof of Physical form - Physical Form PDF is here:
  • Consistent with Ohio law, Cincinnati All Stars observes Lindsay’s Law governing participation in youth athletics practices and competitions. Each Cincinnati All Stars parent and athlete is required to view the Lindsay’s Law Video and complete the Lindsay’s Law Parent and Athlete Signature Form each year. Please view the video now (18 minutes), complete the Parent and Athlete Signature Form, and then email a signed copy to: jim.engel@gmail.com . The form can be found here and will need to be printed, signed, and then emailed: https://www.odh.ohio.gov/-/media/ODH/ASSETS/Files/chss/Lindsays-Law/Parent-Athlete-Signature-Form.pdf?la=e

2019 Summer Season

  • Team Registration Fee: $30 (includes t-shirt, shorts and singlet)
    • (Make check payable to Cincinnati All Stars) Due before athlete is able to practice or compete
  • Athletes will be responsible for participating in fundraising efforts (minimum $20 commitment)
  • 2019 USATF Membership Number (Due before athlete is able to practice or compete)
  • Regular Season Meet Fees ($5 per event ~3 or 4 events per meet): $15 ~$20
  • Association Championship Meet (Top six places qualify to Region 5 Meet) -$6 per event ~3 or 4 events per meet: $24
  • Region 5 Championship Meet (Top five places qualify to National Meet)-Paid once athlete qualifies: Kentucky Association is host this year.
  • Jr Olympics National Championship (Paid once athlete qualifies): Sacramento, CA