Visit Cianjur

As you probably know, Indonesia is such a country of contrasts, certainly compared to countries in Europe and North America. Indonesia offers many interesting things for travelers including rich landscapes, peaceful rural villages, fantastic art, intriguing culture and delicious food. 

As someone who has traveled extensively in Europe, North America, the South Pacific and South East Asia, I am very familiar with what travelers are interested in—developing an understanding of a different culture, visiting places of interest, interacting with the locals and appreciating the local cuisine. The same goes for those I have met in my own country, Indonesia, where I have found that travellers increasingly like to visit not only the popular tourist attractions, but also the less well-known places in order to fully appreciate Indonesian culture and to learn about the daily lives of people here.

However, I understand that it’s often not so easy to visit places off the beaten path if you don’t know anyone who can show you around and who speaks English. So my team and I are eager to show travellers the real Indonesia, in a town where the locals are genuinely interested in meeting you. You will experience the local culture, taste the local food and eat a lot of tropical fruits. Cianjur currently doesn't receive many tourists and, consequently, tourists pay the same prices as the locals.


At the same time, doing some volunteer work and school visit (optional)  is a great way to learn more about the culture and to mingle with locals. Learning how to cook local delicacies and how to grow rice are just some of the other activities on offer. 


Homestay accommodation is arranged at reasonable rate. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as tours to places of interest nearby such as the floating village, tea plantations, rural villages and rice fields (some of these will require an additional payment, but this is always arranged at Backpackers rate).


To help you find us, we can arrange to pick you up from the airport, or from nearby cities, such as Bogor, Bandung and Jakarta.


I hope you will find this information useful. We have a lot of people coming, but we limit the numbers in order to maintain our quality of service, so please try to book in advance.

Cianjur adventure team look forward to getting you have a memorable time here.