Accommodation rate is Rp,250.000/night/person includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry and high speed fiber optic WIFI ,  Rp,225.000 for more than 3 nights.

You get to stay with the local family who serve breakfast,lunch and dinner and Laundry. there are double bed and single bed, all bedrooms have windows

A big spacious house,the land is 2500 (two thousand five hundred) m2, 5 Bedrooms house, with large backyard and front yard, close to nature, ricefield at the back of the house, 5 bed rooms, 3 bathrooms, all have hot shower and western style toilet, there is a table tennis and a treadmill and the hammock at the backyard, computers for guests with a printer and a scanner.



               Tropical fruit is always served ;pineapple,mangosten and konyal (local passion fruit)



    local cuisine:young bamboo shoot with coconut sauce,steam tofu (bean curd) with spring onion and lemon grass,corn fritter, tempe (soya bean cake),and sambal (chili sauce).