I am happy to announce that I will begin serving as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri beginning in the fall of 2015.  I was previously an Assistant Professor of mathematics at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin (2013-2014).  I study commutative algebra and combinatorics.  I am especially interested in generalized factorization properties in commutative rings with zero divisors.  I am very interested in studying the factorization properties of commutative rings by way of looking at associated graphs.  More about me here.

I am very excited to have been selected as a Project NExT 2013-2014 Fellow (Brown13). 
Contact Information:
email: christopher DOT mooney AT westminster-mo DOT edu

Westminster College
501 Westminster Avenue 
Fulton, Missouri 65251

Ph.D. Mathematics, 2013.  The University of Iowa under Daniel D. Anderson.  
Certificate in College Teaching, 2013.  The University of Iowa, Office of Graduate Teaching Excellence.
M.S. Mathematics, 2009.  The University of Iowa.
B.A. Mathematics, 2008.  Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky.  Minors: History, Physics, and Sociology.

Research Papers:
 Title of Paper Abstract Link
 (1) Generalized Factorization in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors.   Mooney, Christopher Park,  Houston J. Math., 41:1 (2015) 15-32.  AbstractDOI
 (2) Generalized U-factorization in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors.   Mooney, Christopher Park,  Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics45:2 (2015) 637-660.  AbstractDOI
 (3) Generalized Irreducible Divisor Graphs (in Integral Domains).   Mooney, Christopher Park,   Comm. Algebra, 42:10,  (2014), 4366-4375. AbstractDOI
 (4) Generalized Factorization in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors.   Mooney, Christopher Park,  Ph.D. Thesis.  The University of Iowa. (125 pages)  Abstract Thesis
 (5) Tau-Complete Factorization in Commutative Rings. Mooney, Christopher Park, Houston Journal of Mathematics, to appear. (22 pages) Abstract arXiv
 (6) Tau-Regular Factorization in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors.  Mooney, Christopher Park, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, to appear. (19 pages)  Abstract arXiv
 (7)  On Irreducible Divisor Graphs in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors, Mooney, Christopher Park, Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, to appear. (21 pages)  Abstract arXiv 
 (8) Generalized Irreducible Divisor Graphs in Rings with Zero-Divisors.  Mooney, Christopher Park, submitted. (18 pages)   Abstract 
 (9)  Tau-U-Factorization and Their Graphs in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors. Axtell, M., and Mooney, C.P., International Electronic Journal of Algebra, 18, (2015) 72-91. Abstract DOI
 (10) Factorization of Ideals, Anderson, DD. Juett, J. and Mooney, C. P., in production. Abstract 
 (11) Generalized Products of Ideals. Anderson, D.D., Juett, J., and Mooney, Christopher Park, in production.  Abstract  
 (12)  Tau-U Irreducible Factorizations and Graphs.  Axtell, M. and Mooney, C.P., in production.  Abstract 
 (13) On Radio Labeling Zero-Divisor Graphs.  Benson, K.F., Mooney, C. P., Niedzialomski, A., in production. Abstract 
 (14) On Generalized Elasticity of Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors.  Mooney, Christopher Park, in production.  Abstract 

Undergraduate Research:
 Title of Paper Abstract   Link
 (1) Determining Existence of Hadamard Difference Sets in Groups of Order 144. N Kroeger, M. Miller, C.P. Mooney, K. Shepard, and K. Smith, NSF-REU research report Central Michigan, (2007). Abstract (paper)
 (2) Generalized Factorization in Z/mZ. Mahlum, Austin and Mooney, Christopher Park, Involve, to appear. (15 pages) (2014) Abstract (paper)

 (3) Generalized U-Factorization in Z/mZ.  Mooney, Christopher Park and Wang, Ying, in production.  

Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain
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