Hands on with Google Apps Scripts Part II

In this hands-on one-hour session, we will cover the following (and possibly more)

  • Doctopus - Gives teachers the ability to auto-generate, pre-share, and manage grading and feedback on template Docs for group and individual projects.

    • (If there's time) Autocrat - a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take any personalized, row-based spreadsheet data and create, save, attach to email, and share templated documents.

It is recommended that attendees have:

  • a solid understanding of creating Google Forms and how Forms & Spreadsheets interact before joining this session.

  • Experience installing and interacting with Apps Scripts (Preferred)

  • A laptop. Your mileage may vary on an iPad--or you may not be able to get hands-on.



  1. please visit this spreadsheet and make a copy of the spreadsheet

  2. Install the Doctopus script from the script gallery and then run the script

  3. Share a document with your "students"

  4. Install the Goobric plugin (Chrome only) and then make a copy of this rubric

  5. Attach the rubric to the document you shared with your students. Test out using the rubric to give feedback.

Want to read up more on Doctopus? Then head over here


credit: Jay Atwood

  1. Fill out this form

  2. After completion of this, we'll take a look at the workflow of Autocrat before you get started on it yourself.

  3. Make a copy of this form with the following question fields

    1. Last name

    2. First name

    3. Email address

      1. Goal #1

      2. Goal #2

      3. Goal #3

    4. Make a copy of the template document

    5. Note that the << >> (bracket) tags are place holders that will be merged with the spreadsheet information.

    6. Send the link to your form by email to an elbow partner; have him/her complete the form.

    7. Install the Autocrat script and then run through the steps merging the documents.

    8. Celebrate with a victory dance!