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Chromebook 101 - Agenda
SVUSD Chromebook Introduction
‎[PUBLIC]‎ 30 Ways to use C...omebooks in the Classroom
Chromebook Kick-Off RBUSD

Online Learning Resources

Chrome and Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks Level 1: The Basics

Chromebooks Level 2: Classroom Application

YouTube Resources

Google Chrome channel

Chromebook Classroom

Chromebook EDU Playlist

Chromebook Playlist

Chromebook Devices

The Chromebook Family

District Resources

Door 2 the Core


Chromebook EDU G+ Community

Apps & Extensions

Shortcuts & Tools

Auto Text Expander (Keyboard shortcuts)

SnagIt for Chrome (Screenshots)

Read/Write for Google (Annotation, text to speech)

Apps for classroom (and BYOD)

Digging for Gold