Search & Rescue CLMS 2009

Do you feel like your students are drowning in a sea of information? If so, then this is the workshop for you! This workshop will introduce you to advanced search features within Google as well as search tips & tricks and lesson plans that can be immediately implemented. Throw your students a search life preserver today and help get them on the boat to more productive searching. Presented by a Google Certified Teacher. This dynamic workshop led by a Google Certified Teacher will introduce participants to the search functions within Google that can assist teachers and students in becoming more efficient at locating information on the web. Search topics covered will include: operators, advanced search, Wonderwheel, timeline, and much more.

Why Become More Efficient at Search

    • Web is vast, time to complete projects is finite

    • Spend less time on research, more time on writing/creating

    • Helps develop information literacy--a life long skill

    • Skill development for future careers

The Many Ways to Search With Google

    • Show Options

    • Differences between the following:

        • Web search

    • Overview of Search Operators with Sample Searches

    • Advanced Search with Sample Searches

        • File Type

        • Searching within a site

Extended Google Search

GCT Sample Lesson Plans for the Classroom

    • Understanding Search Engines

    • Search Techniques and Operators

    • Features and Operators

About Chris

Chris currently serves as the lead technology teacher for a personalized learning, independent study charter school based out of San Diego County. In this capacity, he manages the online learning program for middle school and high school students, works with instructors to develop scope and sequence for courses, and provides professional development workshops for both certificated staff and parents. In his free time, he serves as an online learning consultant to the Orange County Department of Education, presents at conferences around California, and is a devoted dad.




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