This image, from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, July 2012 edition, on "Psychopathy", page 28,

is suggestive of the attitude of the landowner whom I'm fighting. One of his tattoos is of barbed wire encircling his arm.

The accompanying article: "The Language of Psychopaths", describes this landowner: his "inappropriate emotion [that] reveals the extent of [his] callousness" (Id., 28), such as the fire marshal found disturbing at the scene of my burning home, as the marshal told me.

"[A] desire to lie for the sake of getting away with it - often referred to as 'duping delight' - are well known characteristics of the psychopath". (Id., 29) This landowner swore in court that my cabin hadn't been there before 2007. The courts enable the psychopath by accepting his lies as truth, even as they acknowledge, but rule inadmissible, proof from the FBI itself that I'd built my cabin in 1994.

The pair of lists below are of the occupations in which psychopaths constitute the highest, and respectively the lowest, proportion of people practicing the occupation. As "the devil" said in The Gospel of Luke 4:6: all authority over the institutions of civilization "has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to.” The Devil selects psychopaths. However, as Jesus said: "the meek shall inherit the earth". (Matthew 5:5)

The landowner who I'm fighting would be classified as "CEO" because he heads a corporation. However, he inherited his wealth. He's not in the class of businessmen who've gotten to the top by outwitting and ruining the less ruthless. He is unsophisticated and would never have attained power through achievement. As a local lawyer told me: "If he hadn't inherited his land he wouldn't have two quarters."

Here's how to act like a psychopath.