One of these women is attorney Tinti's partner Hannah L. Goodman:

They're all women who've been mean to me.

None of them have given me any of the pleasure that is all that women are good for.

Each of these women has, by malicious scheming, alienated me from a society which she believes she protects and represents.

Thinking of how the lawyer behaved so much like other women who've cast me out, I began searching their names and I was surprised to find a pattern. Each one's image showed, in her facial expression, a degree of apparent joy which corresponds inversely with her meanness as I had experienced it.


The meanest girl is the one who's laughing. The sullen lady (shown in her Cook County Jail booking photo, for domestic battery: 720 ILCS 5/12-3.2(a)(1), decades after she ditched me) is the only one of these women in whom I ever sensed any vulnerability. The one who has bold tattoos all over her body is the last one of these women whom you'd guess by her appearance in these images.

Tinti's partner, who took my boat, car, and other personal property, without a court order, and who represents the psychopath who burned down my cabin, is approximately in the middle of the range. She's just another woman. There's nothing special about her. She's not good at lawyering either.

Looking at this gallery causes me to rejoice that I never married or invested any more in women than the small amount that I did.

Incredibly, the following scenario, according to the following precise terms and premises, has happened to me multiple times:

  • In the 1980’s I began occupying vacant real estate located in a community where one or more of the women pictured above would eventually assume dominance;
  • By improvisation and scavenging I furnished a habitation there, stocking it with intellectual books;
  • I encouraged members of the community to visit me there, to discuss the ideas in these books, but hardly anyone ever did;
  • I was never popular in the community;
  • I returned to Los Angeles each winter;
  • A favored male, desired by the women involved, for the benefits that they would gain by pleasing him, moved into the community and needed the space that I was occupying;
  • He, obviously to all, lives with a mental condition which a small percentage of the overall population does. It has increasingly become an advantage in the social world. I, not having this condition and being contemptuous of those who do, am the one who is reviled, for regarding this condition as abnormal, destructive to humanity, and to be cured or otherwise eliminated;
  • The women worked to get rid of me, for him;
  • They destroyed each of the libraries that I had created, either by discarding all of my books or by burning them, along with my improvised habitation; and
  • They also took my other belongings and dumped them, telling me that I could have them if I came and got them.

In one of the cases, the favored male caused trouble in the community and fled, leaving the women bereft. I look forward to that happening in the case of my land at Chicaugon.

My riddle is answered by telling of my experience at Westwood Hills Congregational Church, L.A. I built a library in an unused room. In the 21st century women took control of the church. They hired a male homosexual associate pastor who went by the name: "Bear" Waters. He needed for his office the room that the library was in. The women, without telling me, moved all the books out (except for a volume of homo-erotic photos which I had placed on display there so as to mock the new ass. pastor. He kept it.) Before long he insulted the organist, her husband, and their children. They were popular in the church and he was forced out.

Psychopathy, like homosexuality, is a boon for one's success in the modern world.

Michigan Court of Appeals

(Pictured From Left to Right)

First row: Jane E. Markey, E. Thomas Fitzgerald, David H. Sawyer, William B. Murphy, Kathleen Jansen, Joel P. Hoekstra, Peter D. O'Connell

Second row: Pat M. Donofrio, Patrick M. Meter, Kirsten Frank Kelly, Chief Judge Michael J. Talbot, Stephen L. Borrello, Donald S. Owens, Kurtis T. Wilder, William C. Whitbeck, Chief Judge Pro Tem Christopher M. Murray

Third row: Cynthia Diane Stephens, Douglas B. Shapiro, Jane M. Beckering, Elizabeth L. Gleicher, Amy Ronayne Krause, Michael J. Kelly

Not Pictured: Mark J. Cavanagh, Karen M. Fort Hood, Henry William Saad, Deborah A. Servitto