The following 14 paintings on two pages were selected by independent judges from a total of 100 wholeheartedly submitted by students from participating schools. They appear here as they do in the calendar, beginning with the front cover, then from December 2008 through to January 2010.

"Lanna Flowers Dancing"
My painting is about Lanna Thai Flowers Dancing called "Fonlep" The dancers are wearing
Lanna Thai costumes and they look very colourful and delightful.

By:  Saradit Ruengtham, Asia Technology School, Chiang Mai

"Chiang Mai, The Heart Of Happy Findings"
When you look at Lanna Architecture, it feels as if you're being sucked into a whole new world; filled with "dragon, temples and all kinds of mythical creatures". The colours, details and scale inspired me to choose Lanna Architecture, as the subject for my painting;
"Chiang Mai, the Heart of Happy Findings!"

By:  Ella Gabrielle Dendy, Grade 4 Nakorn Payap International School, Chiang Mai

"Hmong Life Style"
This picture is created to show Hmong Life Style up in the mountains.  It's very impressive how we can see how they live even when they stay away from the city, but they all stay happily together.
By:  Prapat Hongforn, Asia Technology School, Chiang Mai

"Elephant Tug-A-War Show"
"Elephant Tug-A-War" is between Elephant and people. These activities are enjoyed by everyone.
Elephants are Chiang Mai animals.

By:  Sirapun Thinkum, Asia Technology School, Chiang Mai

"Wat Pra Tat Doi Suthep"
The design of Wat Pra Tat Doi Suthep represents the Lanna Architecture
and one of the famous attractions in Chiang Mai.

By:  Kornnara Ramruay, Grade 9, San Payang Wittayakom School, Chiang Mai

"Lanna Thai Life"
This picture shows the Lanna life style in the village. They are surrounded by agriculture, rice fields,
fishing and other activities.  Life in Lanna kingdom is very peaceful.

By:  Jiraporn Bouwkuen, Grade 8, San Payang Wittayakom School, Chiang Mai

"Buddhist Way In Lanna"
You will see this over Lanna in the morning. I always make merit like this
with my mom at the foot of Suthep Temple.

By:  Wanisornkul Thantanu, Grade: K2, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai

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