Braeden in Canada donates 100 Canadian dollars from his savings! 

In a true "Children helping Children" example, young Braeden Sepp (pictured above) sent us 100 Canadian dollars (about Baht 2800) which to save bank charges, was carried from Canada to Chiang Mai by Khun Adisak Tantiworawit M.D.. Although K Adisak had never met us before, he added a similar amount in a gesture of support.

Braeden - you are a little gem of a guy, and a great example to other kids! Khun Adisak - thank you so much for being the caring messenger, taking time off to meet us, and for your sponteneous generosity.

The Amazing Sales Efforts of
Khun Lisa Thomas, and Christoph Leonhard

Many caring friends joined in our sales efforts, and we are grateful to all of them for their enthusiasm and hard work. But special mention must be made of a "Super Sales" duo in Bangkok who managed to sell almost 400 calendars to friends and associates, both in 2008 and in 2009. That's a lot of calendars, and a selling feat of Olympic standards! We couldn't believe it when they kept advising: "almost no stock left - please send some more"  Lisa and Leonhard - you are really wonderful!

Leaping Freely Over the Language Barrier

We know them affectionately as "Sam" and “Za” but if their names are short, there was no end to the kindness and goodwill they showed us in translating our documentation from English into Thai free of charge. What's more, there was not a single word of protest when we requested some "last-minute" assignments which had them working until way past midnight in order to get it finished in time. To you both, and to the other members of staff at in Bangkok, our sincerest thanks. We will always remember what you did for us.  

Caring Companies

On the corporate level, the economic crisis and tightened budgets saw fewer companies purchase custom-made calendars this year, so we are doubly grateful to the following organisations who were still able to support us with bulk orders:

Albatross Lufthansa City Center, Albatross Leisure, Phuket
Amari Hotels & Resorts Thailand
Ban Sabai Village Boutique Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai
Buy Now Corporate Travel and Tours Bangkok
CBS Travel Asia Company Ltd., Bangkok
C.P.D. Sheet Board Co., Ltd., Chiang Mai
Dentaland - Dentistry for Adults & Children, Chiang Mai
Destination Asia Travel, Bangkok
Empire Tailors Bangkok
Kinecare Physiotherapy Bangkok
The Legend Riverside Resort & Spa Chiang Rai
Majestic Tailors, Bangkok
Orientours Travel & Siam Boatworks Bangkok
PCP Asia Company Limited & The Advertising Book Bangkok
Prem Tinsulanonda International School Chiang Mai
Prem Tinsulanonda International School Boarding Section
Tourism Authority of Thailand Bangkok, Governor's Office
Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai
Turismo Asia Travel Bangkok
World Travel Service Bangkok

We are also grateful to the following individual people for their help, encouragement and motivation. Without their willing assistance, and their generous goodwill, we could not have completed our task.     

Mr. David Baird, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Mrs. Margaret Bhadungzong, "Welcome to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai" Magazine
Khun Prapansak Bhatayanond & Khun Toy, Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Chiang Mai
Khun Jiamjit Boonsom, Green Diamond Co., Ltd., Chiang Mai
Mr. Richard Brouwer, Diethelm Travel, Bangkok
Ms. Linda Buck, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Mrs. Patricia & Ramona Cheesman, Studio Naenna, Chiang Mai
Khun Sangwan Chaiban, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Khun Duenpen Chaladlam, Boutique Travel Service Chiang Mai
Khun Panupan Chandhrapanya, TAT Office, Chiang Mai
Khun Chartiviboon & Petchara Chattipakorn, Lanna Inter-Pack, Chiang Mai
Khun Patchara Chattipakorn, Green Mill Restaurant, Chiang Mai
Khun Viraj Chimpasert, World Travel Service, Bangkok
Mr. Ricard Colburn - Sterling Assets (The Giving Trust website)

Mr. Murray C. Dickson, Bunbury, W. Australia
Mr. Peter Diethelm, Surrey, England
Ms. Audrey Dootson, Chiang Mai
Ms. Maxine Driscoll, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Mrs Luxami Dumur, Franjipani Serviced Residences, Chiang Mai
Mr. Marc Dumur, The Legend Resort Chiang Rai
Ms. Elena Edwards, Chiang Mai Mail, Chiang Mai
Mr. Wim Fagel, and willing team, The Amari Rincome Hotel, Chiang Mai
Mr Oliver Fall, Editor, "The Brief" British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
Mr Rene Fritschi, RPF Hospitality Consulting, Bangkok
Alan Hall & Chiangmai Expat Club Team, The Expat Newsletter, Chiang Mai
Ms. Raini Hamdi, Editor, TTG Asia Magazine
Ms. Eleanor Hardy, The Chedi, Langkawi  Malaysia (formerly at the Chedi Chiang Mai)
Mr. Bill Heinecke Minor Holdings Thailand
Mr. George Hooker, Bangkok
Khun Vilai Indrabanlue
Khun Suphalak Jacobsen, Chiang Mai
Mr. Phillip Johnson & Khun Monthakan Intharasri, "In Focus 4 You" Chiang Mai
Khun Khun Sutthinee Jitmart, (Khun O) Third Eye Travel, Chiang Mai
Khun Mo and staff, Kasem Stores, Chiang Mai
Khun Pim Kemasingki City Life Magazine Chinag Mai
Ms. Karen Kemp - Cypress, Texas
Ms. Anny Kenmore, Verbier, Switzerland
Mr. Christoph Leonhard, Bangkok
Khun Sommai Lumdual, La Luna Gallery, Chiang Mai
Lars Erik Magnusson - Eturbonews

Miss Sabrina Magnusson

Mr. Greg Meadows, The Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morrow, US Consul General, Chiang Mai
Khun Jurairat Narajit, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Khun Nitradee (Khun Jong) Noja, from The Field Village, Chiang Mai
Ms. Asiyah & Mr. Alex, Natiryas Galleria Chiang Mai
Ms. Jane Nelson, Chiang Rai
Khun Hiran Netsawang & Team, Chotana Print Company, Chiang Mai
Ms. Maureen O’Brien, Chiang Mai
Khun Amporn Pachana, Manager, Rimping  Nim City, Airport
Khun Saowalak Paisantirakorn, Chiang Mai
Mr. Roxy Pastello, Chiang Mai
Mr. Pierre-Andre Pelletier, Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok
Khun Phairoj Phatsorpinyosakul, Khun Kai, Khun Yupin, and team Rim Ping Supermarkets.
Khun Thitaya Phiuon, Tita Gallery, Chiang Mai
Mr. Niki and Mrs. Sherry Prachensky, Siamese Traders, Chiang Mai
Khun Krin Promwanna, Absolute Hair Chiang Mai
Khun Wuttipong Puengpipattrakul & Team , Chiang Mai Orchid  Hotel, Chiang Mai
Mr. Robert Rijnders, Amari Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok
Ms. Ann Roberts, Karnak Travel, England
Mr Craig Rodgers, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Khun Manlika Ruampitakkul, HQ Paper Maker, Chiang Mai
Mr Kurt Rufli, formerly of Amari Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok
Khun Kannikar Saengsroi, Nawattaphume International School, Lampang
Ajarn Santi Saengtong - Santi Music School, Chiang Mai

Mrs. Cindy and Braeden Sepp, Vancouver, Canada
Khun Vern Silananda, General Manager, Holiday Inn Chiang Mai
Ms. Laura Spector, Art Space, Chiang Mai
Khun Chalermsak Suranant, TAT Office, Chiang Mai
Khun Sukanya Susitthinan, Pearl Mango Café
Khun Kanog Suvannavisutr & Team, Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai
Ms. Pauline Tan, TTG Asia Magazine
Khun Tomoko & Khun Nikom Tanava, Baan Bakery, Chiang Mai
Khun Pakaporn Tantranon, Manager, Rim Ping Supermarket Hang Dong Branch
Khun Dusit and Khun Achara Thammaraks, INTCO Company Ltd., Chiang Mai
Ms. Lisa Thomas, Amari Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok
Mr. Suravut Thongtham, Amari Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok
Khun Khrit (Joe) Ve-harattanaloet, Absolute Hair Salon, Chiang Mai
Mrs. Chumporn Veeraphan. World Travel Service, Chiang Mai
Ms. Sally Ward, Chiang Mai
Khun Nitkanung Watanakun & Team, City Life Magazine, Chiang Mai
Mr. David Watts of Viang Ping Massage & Spa, Chiang Mai
Khun Bunnam Wirutkaman, Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation, Chiang Mai
Mr. Greg Watkins, British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
Dr. Pim Wollmann, Nawattaphume International School, Lampang
Mr. Steve Yarnold, Charity Rooftop Committee, Chiang Mai

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