Our 2009 calendar raised 423,000 Baht, down from 604,000 Baht last year, due to a rise in production and printing costs, and the economic crisis, which prevented many corporate companies ordering custom-made calendars personalised with their own logo and corporate message. 

Left: A cheque for 200,000 Baht presented to
The Children’s Shelter Home, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.

Bulk sales of customised year-end corporate giveaways represent a large part of our revenue, and the main reason we do not invite sponsors or advertising. Advertising would also spoil the aesthetic appeal.   

Left:  Cheque for Baht 100,000 Baht presented to Croston House Children's Home, Lamphun.

This means the small calendar has raised over a million baht in two years, and since over 95% of all desk calendars are given away free of charge, we owe a huge "thank you' to all those who bought the calendar for 100 Baht.

Left: Cheque for Baht 73,000 Bann Nangplaman School, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai

It has also travelled to offices and homes all over the world, and raised global awareness of Chiang Mai in many different countries.

Cheque for Baht 50,000 presented to Khun Tha School, Thoen, Lampang,

The donations were presented at a special dinner kindly arranged by the Amari Rincome Hotel, attended by over 100 guests and with many "lucky draws" donated by calendar supporters, including a return flight for two with SGA Airlines to Chiang Rai, coupled with accommodation at the lovely Legend River Resort and Spa (presentation photo above)

Superb music was provided by "Dang Fantastic" (below) and his talented musicians, three of whom had flown up from Bangkok just to be with us. Khun Dang and the Amari Rincome are valued supporters of the calendar project, and we are most grateful to both of them for the wonderful co-operation. 

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