Maps on CDs

Cheshire Local History Association has produced three CDs of historical maps.

The CDs are £8 each or £20 for the set.  

They can be purchased from two places - Cheshire Archives & Local Studies and Greasby Library on Wirral.

1577 Saxton's map of Cheshire
1610 Speed's map of Cheshire

Christopher Saxton 1577 - The first map of Cheshire was produced by the Yorkshire surveyor. It was one of 34 county maps that he produced 1574 to 1578.

John Speed 1610 - Speed's map of Cheshire was produced for an atlas 'Great Britaine'.


1577  Saxton

1610  Speed

1675 Ogilby's road maps (8 maps)
1777 Burdett's map of Cheshire 

John Ogilby 1675 - This CD has the eight local maps from his 'Britannia' the first road atlas of England and Wales.

Peter Burdett 1777 - Burdett gives us a quantum leap in the mapping of Cheshire. For the first time, the county is accurately drawn.


1675  Ogilby

1777  Burdett


1819 Greenwood's map of Cheshire
1831 Bryant's map of Cheshire

Christopher Greenwood 1819 - Greenwood's Cheshire map shows great detail and is noted for the quality of its design and engraving.

A Bryant 1831 - Bryant's map is very similar in content but provides substantially more detail.


1819  Greenwood

1831  Bryant