Cheshire History Day

History Day will be on 31st October 2020
'Cheshire Pioneers and Notables'

Details will be shown here when available

History Days since 2002
 2002Sources and Resources for Local and Family History (in association with BALH)Simon Fowler

Alan Crosby
Katy Goodrum
Clare Pye
Open Forum with panel
Researching locally - thinking nationally: local history resources in national repositories
Archives in the North West: a user's perspective
Cheshire's Archives on-line: a practical demonstration
The Alderley Edge Project: people in their setting
 2003Cheshire in the Stuart AgePeter Gaunt
Jonathan Pepler

Catherine Nunn
Eileen Willshaw
Conflict and concensus: the central regimes and Cheshire c1630-1660
The Seven Ages of Man: sources for 17th century history in the Cheshire Record Office
Religion and politics in the parishes of Cheshire 1660-1689
Buildings in transition: Chester's architectural development during the late 17th century
 2004Agriculture and the Industrial RevolutionProfessor John Beckett
Dr Tony Phillips
Dr Steven King
Dr Mike Nevell
Agriculture and the Industrial Revolution
Changes in Cheshire Agriculture, 1750-1850
The experiences and strategies of the sick poor of Cheshire
From farmer to factory owner: textile mills and tenant farmers in Cheshire
 2005Recording Cheshire's LandscapesChristopher Dyer
Jonathan Pepler
Jill Collens
Peter Boughton
50 years since W G Hoskins: new developments in landscape history
Better than a painted paper? Cheshire's landscape in estate maps
A bird's eye view: Cheshire's historic landscape from the air
Picturesque Chester: the city in art
 2006Getting about in Cheshire: aspects of the history of communications and transportProfessor David Hey
Dr Alan Crosby
Joseph Boughey
Dr Di Drummond
Packmen and carriers
Cheese, cotton and commuters: the turnpike roads of Cheshire
Canals in Cheshire with particular reference to the Shropshire Union
Crewe: the growth and development of a 19th century railway town 
 2007Cheshire invaded? From Roman occupation to Norman conquestProfessor David Shotter
Professor Nick Higham
Dr David Griffiths
Dr Philip Morgan
The Roman occupation of the North West
The Anglo-Saxon conquest of Cheshire: debating forms of cultural contact
Viking incursions and settlement in the Dee/Mersey basin
Norman conquest and "hot" frontier: Cheshire, 1050-1150
 2008Cheshire Gardens, Parks and GardenersSam Youd
Elizabeth Davey

Jonathan Pepler
Wendy Morgan
Shrines to Savoys: cultural influences on the the Gardens at Tatton Park
Gardens for the people: the public parks of Cheshire and the work of Edward Kemp
Digging in the archives: eight centuries of gardens in Cheshire
Victorian villa gardens: examples from Alderley Edge
 2009Cheshire's working riversHugh Beggs
Jane Laughton
Mike Nevell
Colin Edmondson
Widely as his Mersey flows
The Dee and Port of Chester
Cotton Mills of the Bollin and Dane Rivers
Development of the Weaver Navigation
 2010Down on the Farm: aspects of the history of Cheshire agriculturePaul Booth
Charles Foster
Ruth Goodman
Doug Haynes
Grain and cereal crops in 14th century Cheshire
Cheshire Cheese and Farming in the 17th and 18th centuries
Life and work of a Victorian farmer's wife
Cheshire agriculture: 1945 to the present
 2011Building Cheshire: halls and housesGraham Fisher
Peter de Figueiredo
Elizabeth Davey
David Hayns
John Douglas, Cheshire's great architect
The great houses of Cheshire
Villages of Vision
Charity, low-cost and social housing in Malpas c1600 to the present
 2012Hard at work in CheshireDr Jane Laughton
Dr Di Drummond
NW Film Archive

Pamela Sambrook
Making a living in Mediaeval Cheshire
Women in a man's town - the women of Crewe 1843-1914
Summer on the Farm 1943; The inquisitive giant: Jodrell Bank 1952; Salt of the earth 1966; Magic of the Shadow: Rolls Royce 1975
Dunham Massey - a country house at work
 2013Church, chapel and cloister: Christianity in CheshireJames Bond
Rev Roger Clarke
Tony Hilton
Catherine Nunn
The Monasteries of Cheshire
St Augustine's Day celebrations, Norton Priory 2012
The Anglican Church in post -Reformation Cheshire seen through its buildings
Catholicism in the North West
Non-conformity in Cheshire in the 17th century
 2014Legacies of ConflictRachel Swallow

Simon Ward
Linda Clarke
NW Film Archive
Tony Barratt
Cheshire as a Frontier: the Medieval Castles of the Earls of Chester and their Barons
The Walls of Chester: High and Broad with many towers and bulwarks
First World War: remembering the fallen in Cheshire
School life in Wartime (Elworth); Summer on the Farm
Cheshire's Wartime Airfields, then and now
 2015From Market to Supermarket: five centuries of retail in CheshireJane Laughton
Ian Mitchell
Gillian Lonergan/Adam Shaw

Charles Foster
Markets and fairs of Mediaeval Cheshire
A Detrimental Class of Idlers? Shopkeepers in Cheshire, c1650-1900
The Development of the Co-operative movement in the North West

Northwich street survey 1972; cinema adverts, Birkenehad and Macclesfield; Decimalisation 1971
Shopping in the 18th century:  the Arley Household’s purchases 1750-90
 2016Industrial CheshireAlan Crosby 
Loanne Collins
Diana Leitch

Dave Thomas
Coal-mining in East Cheshire: aspects of social and landscape history
The East Cheshire Silk Industry with particular reference to Macclesfield
Keystones of the Cheshire chemical industry: salt, coal and transport infrastructure
Colour in Silk; Weaver Navigation; Murgatroyds
The History of the Anderton Boat Lift
 2017Literary CheshireDr Philip Morgan
Professor Jill Rudd
Dr Diane Duffy
Janice Hayes
David Hayns
Ranulf Higden and writing the middle ages in Cheshire
History, Landscape and Chivalry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Mrs Gaskell and her Cheshire Connections
Anna Laetitia Barbauld: A Forgotten Romantic Poet and Social Commentator
After ‘The Shiny Night’, ‘The Long Day Closes’, enter ‘The Dark Lady’!  A quest for the enigmatic Miss Tunstall
 2018Crime and PunishmentDr Paul Booth
Dr John Walliss
Tony Bostock
Angela Brabin
Dr David Cox
Crime & Punishment in Later 14th Century Cheshire 
Crime & Justice in Georgian Cheshire 
Refuges for Fugitives 
The 1885 Landican Murder of Mary McGill 
Criminality in Late Victorian Cheshire 
 2019Cheshire GardensSam Youd
Clare Pye
Barbara Wright
Joy Uings
Looking Forward to Looking Back
The Changing Face of Tabley Park
Laying Out Water - Pools and Canals in Cheshire's Designed Landscapes
Market Gardens and Gardening For Markets
Cheshire Local History Association