Introduction To The Association

The Cheshire Local History Association was formed in 1998 to continue and extend the activities of what used to be known as the County Palatine of Chester Local History Committee of the Cheshire Community Council.

The Local History Association is principally a gathering of history societies, academic institutions, record depositories and local authority supporters who have an interest in the preservation and wider understanding of the history of the ancient County Palatine. Membership is available to all such organisations whether or not they are within the modern county boundary. Constituent bodies are entitled to send a representative to the quarterly meetings of the Association which are held at Cheshire Archives and Local Studies or at a venue elsewhere in the county. Membership is also available to interested individuals wherever they may live and they too are invited to attend the quarterly meetings.

The Association has the support and sponsorship of the Cheshire Archives and Local Studies Service which ensures that the organisation has the professional backing to allow it to flourish.

Current members of the Executive Committee
 Chairman  Mr Bob Burgess
 Vice Chairman  To be filled
 Honorary Secretary  Mrs Jean Fortune
 Honorary Treasurer  Mr Jonathan Pepler
 Honorary Membership Secretary  
 Honorary Editor 'Cheshire History'  Prof. Graeme White
 Honorary Minutes Secretary  Ms Pat Dale
 Committee Members  Mr Morris Garratt
 Mr Doug Haynes
 Mrs Hilary Morris
 Mr Alex Cowan
 Mrs Aileen Thompson
 Mr Mike Curtis
 Mr Tony Bostock
 Dr Kath Gee
 Mr Charles Swann
 Mr John Hess
 Ex-Offico Members  Cheshire Archives and Local Studies Manager