Most used for commuting - 50 miles round trip to Madison WI. Rain but mostly shine, as low as 20F in the morning but the weather needs to commit to being above freezing for most of the day. Rain is OK.

Flexible set of guidelines for deciding to commute on the Zero or not.

1. Day forecasted to get above 32 degrees

2. Morning:

Above 20 degrees if sunny

Above 30 degrees if overcast

Above 35 degrees if foggy/misty

Above 40 degrees if drizzling

Above 50 degrees is raining

3. Not needed for large payload.


Aug 02 2016 - Zero SR forgot to plug in both ends of cable prior day commuted anyway made it home at 3% state of charge.

Oct 23 2016 - Major rain squall - counted seconds between lightening strikes and didn't get above 30 seconds for about 5 miles

Nov 21 2016 - 20 degrees and sunny in the morning... cold thumbs but otherwise good.

In 2016 61% of miles were on Zero compared to by commuting car.

Jan 20 2017 - 34 degrees and foggy with a mist. First ride of the season.

First Ride 2017

Jefferson County Dog Park - Johnson Creek WI. November 6. 2016

Simple day trip into Lake Mills WI - looking for Pokemon Gyms to take. Tyrenana Park is stacked too high so we head to more easy pickings in Johnson Creek dog park. Took the gym and headed back home - roundabout way through the City of Jefferson and out past the Jefferson County Humane Society.

Sep 17 2016 Drive Electric Week - Madison WI

Governor Nelson State Park - Madison WI

After a daily commute to Madison - took the long way home rounding the lakes to Governor Nelson State Park.

Marengo Illinois - August 30 2016

Picking up the SR with a full charge for the 92 mile trip home. Took mostly "B" roads just to be sure and arrived home with 15% charge remaining.

Fon du Lac WI

Picking up the S with a full charge at the dealership after the monolith recall. Took "B" roads around the Horicon Marsh on the way back

September 2015 Drive Electric week - Madison WI

I spent a four hours at the Drive Electric Week event at Alliant Energy in Madison.

Well hosted - Tshirts, Water and Cookies, someone was always nearby to answer questions.

I stayed so busy - I took no pictures and didn't even have a chance to eat the lunch I packed for myself.

"Alliant Energy is collaborating with Wisconsin Clean Cities and local dealerships to bring in new electric vehicles for a ride-and-drive event."

"Those attending will get the chance to test drive or ride in an electric vehicle. (Many people are surprised at the instant torque, quiet and smooth ride, and savings a gas-free engine provides.) The public is invited to test drive or ride in an electric vehicle We encourage supporters and interested local residents and businesses to learn about cost savings and environmental benefits of driving electric!"

It was "Test Drive" event with both dealers and private individuals. So I rode & drove in a dealer Nissan Leaf, Ford Fusion (Hybrid), Ford C-Max (Hybrid) and a private C-Max( hybrid) with 60,000 miles on it. I admired the slew of Tesla's and spoke to proud owners. Lots of Level 2 charging stations and waiver forms.

I took a duffel of gear, gloves, jackets, pants, helmets, eye protection, and volunteered my Zero up for test drives. I got a good half a dozen riders. I pre-programmed ECO mode to 40% torque (just in case) but every rider owned 600cc+ bikes so they got the trill of full Sport mode.

Alliant Energies provided the funding for Newton Police department's Zero!

Newton Iowa applied for the just cost of the Zero, Alliant stepped up and funded the entire project as a pilot to gain the data to develop credits for other departments or city agencies.

I'm glad Alliant's staff and guests had a chance to see, touch and even ride a Zero especially because of their support of Zero's.

Then Saturday was downtown.

September 2015 Drive Electric Week - Madison WI

Zero S was all alone nestled between's hybrid (pedal and electric) and a Corbin Sparrow that was updated to Lithium Ion Batteries.

September 2016 #NDEW National Drive Electric Week.

3 Zeros in attendance!

September 2017 #NDEW National Drive Electric Week

Events at Alliant Energy and Downtown Madison Wisconsin.

Environmentally Friendly 4 cycle

Environmentally Friendly 4 cycle!

September 2018 #NDEW National Drive Electric Week

Events at Alliant Energy and Downtown Madison Wisconsin.

Randy, from brought a few bikes to test ride.