Charging Destinations

Making a "Charging Destination" being a place to go in order to charge in a retired classic style gas station.

A combination of an "Electric Clubhouse" and a "Community Outreach" these destinations would host a bevy of charging options along with a collection of activities to pursue while awaiting a charge. Restoring the traditional "Sunday Drive" to the Electric Vehicle owner. A genuine "Daddy are we there yet? Daddy are we there yet?", "No kids we still have 60% charge remaining" kind of place.

Business owned chargers tend to isolate and obligate "chargees" to a very limited venue.

Building on the simple joys of a "chair, cool drinks and a few magazines" left by some more generous "PlugShare" locations.

Also with some short range electric vehicles or bicycles and a listing of community activities to engage and possibly "valet" charging service.

Starting with a classic old gas station located in a suburban town to draw "Sunday Drivers" from the larger towns out into the countryside.

These would have Video games, a Pool table and even Washer/Dryer facilities ample internet and consoles for streaming services.

A list and hours of "things to do in town" along with how long they should take.

Library is 5 minute walk away.

Antique store is 15 minute walk away.

Restaurants, Bowling or even a movie theater.

State Park is 20 minutes away on bicycle.

Shooting Range, Golf range...

Even a local manufacturer might allow 3-4 visits per week to show around facilities.

Specialty shops.

"Charging Cycles" key fob or paddle to show at the locations to readily identify them as someone who is going to spend 20 minutes on a cup of coffee and a slice of pie to help locals source or cap their visitors.

Basic sites with Vending machines for beverages, snacks and even keys to rental vehicles to more fully staffed interactions with Soda Jerks, Malts as they renovate the facility.

Streaming video entertainment - and "Last person in chooses the next show"

Positive Signage: I am not a fan of negative signage.

PITA - "Plug In Then ask" signs on the equipment. The indication is that anyone wanting to charge should first plug in and then come inside to ask if it is "OK" because charging time is a driving factor.

"Please Finish you cigarette outside before entering."

Swappable batteries for select vehicles. Of course a Fast Charger for Zero Motorcycles.

Test Drives and Short term rentals.

Electric Vehicles as available for chargers to "rent" and take to local interests. Cheaply acquired older models for variety.

Electric Vehicles as available for non-chargers to test and short term rent. Rental to evaluate their commute would be at the "cost per mile difference" of the gas powered vehicle vehicle they normally commute with based on EPA fuel mileage estimates or past behavior. So a one week rental for a 3.3 cents per miles Nissan Leaf vs a Dodge Charger 11.8 cents per mile would be 8. cents per mile. The rental is not for cost recovery but a token amount to educate on the operational price difference.

Electric Devices like Mowers and Chainsaws available for testing and rental.

Staffing as a "finishing school" our goal is to teach employees all aspects of the operation and how to run a business. I joined in the "Open Book Management" movement several years ago and found many aspects still appealing.