Service Experiences

2013 Zero S 11.4

Software Update

Just a special series of cables Zero shipped to me and I connected to laptop - this allowed Zero to remote on and they performed the update.

Bad Thermistor gave erroneous engine temperature readings causing premature "protection mode"

Basically bike was delivered faulty - but in February it was hard to experience the thermal shutdown. Once Spring truly arrived it was easier to notice the problem. I delivered to Pro Motorsports and they replaced the motor on warranty.

Replaced tires. 11,000 miles at local "general" motorcycle shop. Rumbled when i rode so I aligned the belt at home myself. A few months later noticed missing dust seal on front.

Rear Wheel bearings

I replaced these in about an hour.

Monolith Recall

Got a letter from Zero Motorcycles which read in part

"Zero Motorcycles is passionate about the quality and integrity of our motorcycles. We continually monitor their performance and conduct ongoing durability tests. As a result of our ongoing testing and current field quality data, we have concluded that monolith power pack performance in certain 2013 Zero S and Zero DS motorcycles is declining more rapidly than we believe is acceptable as a result of a power pack supplier manufacturing defect. As a result, we are announcing the 2013 Zero SDS Monolith Replacement Campaign whereby we will replace the ZF11.4 and ZF8.5 monoliths in affected motorcycles with new ZF12.5 and ZF9.4 monoliths at no charge to the owner."

3/29/2016 Delivered 2013 S to dealer in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin with original 11.4 battery

4/22/2016 Told by Zero and dealer Cycle on Truck

5/02/2016 Told by Zero Cycle arrived in CA (estimated couple days turnaround)

5/13/2016 Told by Zero Cycle on truck to dealer

5/22/2016 estimated arrival in Fond Du Lac from Freight Tracking number with 12.5 kWh replacement.

Front Wheel Bearings

I replaced these in about an hour

Replaced rear tire 18,000 miles. Just took the tires in to a local motorcycle shop.

2015 Zero SR 12.5

Aug 13 2016 Charging did not engage. Dealer (Randy's Marengo) replaced the charger and had it done and we picked up Aug 30th and rode it 92 miles home.

Motor "failure" Nov 2018

Motor began having what felt like "miss-fire" and the logs indicated a sensor failure.

Took it in to dealer for a complete motor swap as the sensor was embedded. Also had brakes done as well as kill switch which had not consistently worked.

Couple delays awaiting parts.

Upon pickup I noted the kill switch was backwards but I took it anyway.

At home I noted not all wires got routed in original locations and all screws for the plastics didn't get installed.

Dealer shipped replacement kill switch which I easily installed.

September 30 2019

35,000 miles - hit by an UBER

Hauled to dealer for estimates and repairs.

2/15/2020 expected last two parts would be shipping from Zero in a week and a half

7/3/2020 Picked up and took it home