Adventures in Electric Motorcycle Ownership and Riding.

What Electric?
  • 2013 Zero S   
  • 2015 Zero SR 

Why Electric?

Seeking an a renewable fuel for transportation. 

Almost BioDiesel. 
   I used BioDiesel in my Car (weather permitting), and I used to use BioDiesel in my Lawn Mower. It was great to be on the cusp of self sufficiency, occasionally mentally calculating how many acres of soybeans I would need to keep up with my commute. With mixed results on the emissions of BioDiesel which was followed by Diesel-Gate, I lost my allegiance to diesel. 

Changed to electric lawn mowing, and electric motorcycling.

Too few diesel motorcycles in the static marketplace. Could not find a diesel motorcycle to fit.
100% BioDiesel is hard to source - even though Blue Honey did a good job

Currently 50% of our electric comes from renewable sources and that could increase with an investment in solar panels. Full Spectrum Solar.

Where Electric?
Zero is USA's largest manufacturer (for now) of Electric Motorcycles.

Year End Odometer

  2018 2017    2016     20152014 
 2013 S 30,447 25,41718,874  11,954  5,856 
 2015 SR 22,210  15,106 8,298 1,511