Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Miami School of Business Admin.
 Office: 512A Jenkins; Phone: (305) 284-9489;   
 Research Interests   Financial Intermediation. Macro Finance. Corporate Finance. Household Finance. 



  1. Managing Performance Signals Through Delay: Evidence from Venture Capitalwith Michael Ewens Management Scienceforthcoming. [pdf] 
  2. Income Inequality, Tax Policy, and Economic Growth, with Siddhartha Biswas and Rong Hai Economic JournalMay 2017. [pdf] 
  3. The Real Effects of Financial (Dis)integration: A Multi-Country Equilibrium Analysis of Europewith Rong HaiHans Holter, and Serhiy Stepanchuk Journal of Monetary Economics, Jan 2017. [pdf]
  4. Marriage Stability, Taxation and Aggregate Labor Supply in the U.S. vs. Europe, with Hans Holter and Serhiy Stepanchuk Journal of Monetary EconomicsMay 2015. (Lead Article) [pdf] 
  5. Does Shareholder Coordination Matter? Evidence from Private Placements, with Nickolay Gantchev Journal of Financial Economics, April 2013. [pdf]
  • Douglas D. Evanoff Best Paper Award, The Chicago Financial Institutions Conference 2016.
  • Marshall Blume Award in Financial Research, First Prize, The Wharton School 2013.
  • Shmuel Kandel Award (Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Financial Economics), Utah Winter Finance 2010.
  • President of India Gold Medal (for the highest GPA among all graduating students), IIT Guwahati 2001.
  • 3rd Place at MIT IDEAS Competition, 2001.
  • National Talent Scholar (500 students nationwide), India, 1995.

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