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Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics (tenured), Marshall School of Business

University of Southern California

Previously, I worked at the Board Governors of the Federal Reserve System, serving as the first chief of the Systemic Financial Institutions and Markets Section (2012-2015). In that role, I helped develop analyses to understand better the role of financial institutions in the US economy, and contributed to the regulatory policy discussions at both the Federal Reserve and at Basel. I also worked for the International Monetary Fund from 2000-2010 during which I contributed to policy discussions on exchange rates and monetary policy in emerging markets such as South Africa and in a number of developing economies. I have also been a visiting scholar at the Dutch National Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and served as a consultant to the Swedish Riksbank. Much of my research agenda has been shaped by the important policy questions I have encountered at these institutions. I was a recipient of the Dean's Award for Research Excellence at the Marshall School of Business in 2019.